How to Access Twitter Bookmarks on Desktop

access twitter bookmarks on desktop

Have you ever tried to retweet or like a tweet just so you can look back on it later?

Almost all of us at some point living the life of a daily Twitter user has done this. 

Not a while back, Twitter added a little feature called Bookmarks that allowed you to save tweets and have them be stored. So you didn’t have to go liking and retweeting tweets just for the sole purpose of saving them.

The problem is this Bookmarks “section” has a flaw as it is only available on the mobile app version rather than the desktop version. 

Having it be like this means you can not bookmark tweets from your desktop as well as you can’t even access the ones that you have already bookmarked.

In this guide I’ll show you step-by-step on how you can access Twitter bookmarks on your desktop with a simple, nifty workaround. 🙂



How to Access Twitter Bookmarks on Desktop: 3 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead visit the mobile web version of Twitter and sign in. Note that there’s a difference between the two versions: desktop version and mobile web version. So you’ll need to be signed into the mobile web version to access bookmarks.


access twitter bookmarks on desktop



Step 2:  Now once you’ve signed in, click on your profile picture at the top. You’ll find that a menu will open up with the Bookmarks option in it.


access twitter bookmarks on desktop



Step 3:  Great! Now you can click on Bookmarks to view all your bookmarked tweets. This is how as of now, the only way to bookmark a tweet from your desktop, and it is pretty simple.


access twitter bookmarks on desktop



Remind me again, how do you bookmark a tweet?

Simple. Just scroll to the bottom of any tweet and then click the Share button. You’ll find a menu will open up with the option to Add Tweet to Bookmarks. Voila!


access twitter bookmarks on desktop




That’s it! 🙂


Share this guide with anyone who’s looking to find the damned Bookmarks section on their desktop but just don’t know how.



  1. Thanks. It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t access my bookmarks on my laptop. I thought it was going to be some hard workaround.

  2. Nice. Theres a step you forgot, how to switch to mobile desktop when you’re already logged into the desktop version. thanks.

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