Update (March 2019): You can now activate Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger simply by sending a moon emoji 🌙 to someone. Please note that it may or may not work since Facebook hasn’t rolled this feature out to everyone. You may refer the following guide on how to do it until I update this guide later this month when Facebook officially releases the dark mode setting to everyone:

If you’re working on setting up a cool, dark-esque interface for your device or if you just simply don’t want to burn your eyeballs whilst messaging your friend on Messenger, then you should, by all means, try and activate the dark mode for the app.


activate dark mode on facebook messenger
Calling out all vampires.


Facebook is still working on this feature at the time of this writing which is why it is not publicly available and remains hidden right now in the codebase. But most of the code is there and remains ready to be enabled of which I’ll show you how.

Now there’s sort of good news and bad news to this:

The good news is well this new dark mode is a true AMOLED black theme. Which means if you’re device’s screen is one that is made of OLED and not LCD (you can find out just by googling your phone’s name and adding “OLED” next to it) it helps to save a bit of your device’s battery life as the black portion of the screen will have the pixels turned off meaning less power is used which as a result means less of your battery life is used up.

Now for the terrible bad news. This doesn’t work for iPhones and it also will not work with your Android device if it has not been rooted. If you have never rooted your device before then here’s a great guide on how to do just that. However, we do not recommend to root your device just for the sole purpose of getting a front seat with this new unreleased feature. You should do it if you have already rooted your device or if you are actually genuinely interested in rooting your device.

Once you have your rooted Android device, all you really need is to run a single command in an app, tap a few options, then finally enable dark mode in Messenger. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you precisely on how you can activate the hidden dark mode in Facebook Messenger.



What you’ll need

•  Your rooted Android Device. 

•  Have Unknown Sources enabled.


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How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger: 9 Steps


Step 1:  Since the hidden dark mode is only included in the latest version of Facebook Messenger, you’ll need to grab that version. The easiest way you can get that version of Facebook Messenger is simply just by tapping the link below which has the latest version of Facebook Messenger and then hitting Download APK. From there simply just launch the file from your notifications tray (swipe from the top) and then tap Install to update Messenger.


activate dark mode on facebook messenger



Step 2:  Go ahead open up the newly updated Facebook Messenger app and then log in.



Step 3:  Next, you’ll need a specific app that is able to directly speak and command the app so that dark mode can be activated. This “app” is called a terminal emulator app and it is up to you which of the many terminal emulator apps on the Play Store that you decide to install and use. We recommend using Terminal Emulator by Jack Palevich because it’s free and it does what it says it does.


activate dark mode on facebook messenger



Step 4:  Great! Now go ahead open up the terminal emulator app and then type in “su” (without the quotes), and then hit the enter button on your keyboard (it will be the green arrow that is to your bottom right-hand corner).


activate dark mode on facebook messenger



Step 5:  You will be asked to give the app (Terminal Emulator), superuser access, so just tap Grant. You should now see that the second command line starts with a little hashtag instead of a dollar sign – which means the terminal is running with superuser privileges.


activate dark mode on facebook messenger



Step 6:  Next, copy the following command, paste it into the terminal prompt, and then hit the enter button once again.

am start -n "com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.abtest.gkprefs.GkSettingsListActivity"



Step 7:  You’ll be immediately be taken to your Facebook Messenger app and into a hidden section where you can tweak some of the settings that can take effect on the app. Tap Search Gatekeepers here and then type “dark” (without the quotes) into the pop-up and then hit OK.


activate dark mode on facebook messenger



Step 8:  You’re almost done! Now what you do is under the dark section, all you have to do is just change their values from NO to YES. Once you’ve made sure all three settings say YES, you can exit the menu, fully close the Facebook Messenger app by swiping it away from your recent apps menu.


activate dark mode on facebook messenger


activate dark mode on facebook messenger



Step 9:  Finally, you can reopen your Facebook Messenger and tap on your Profile Picture (the silhouette icon) that is to your top left-hand corner. From there just scroll down to Preferences and under it, you will find the all-new Dark Mode which you can toggle. Hit OK once you’re done on the pop-up.


activate dark mode on facebook messenger



That’s it! The entire app will now be entirely dark with white text coupled with dark grey accents that looks great and far more pleasing to the eye than the light mode. 🙂


activate dark mode on facebook messenger


Share this guide with anyone who’s interested to activate the hidden dark mode in Facebook Messenger.



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