Now you don’t really have to wait till Saturday to meet up with your friend to pay off your General Tso’s chicken you had last week with them.


Just send it over your iMessage the amount to pay for and you’re done.


I’ll show you how you can add your money into your Apple Pay Cash and then send it over to who you owe it to.





How to Add Money to Apple Pay Cash: 5 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Settings app. Then jump into your Wallet & Apple Pay.


add money to Apple Pay Cash





Step 2:  Great! Now under your Cards section, tap on Apple Pay Cash.


add money to Apple Pay Cash





Step 3:  Almost there! Now tap Add Money.


add money to Apple Pay Cash





Step 4:  All you have to do now is enter how much you want to add to your Apple Pay Cash card. Once you’re done you’ll see your Apple Pay Cash balance below.


add money to Apple Pay Cash






You must have at least $10 in minimum in one transaction with $3000 as your transaction’s limit.

Oh and another thing, you cannot add more than $10,000 over a 7-day period.




Step 5:  Tap on Add in your top-right hand corner of your iPhone. To confirm your transaction just place your fingertip on your Touch ID or if you’re on your iPhone X then just double click on your side button to use your face for Face ID.


add money to Apple Pay Cash





That’s it! 🙂



You can now use your newly added cash to purchase on any of your Apple devices, from your Mac, to your MacBook and all the way to even your Apple Watch.




Share this guide with your family and friends so that you can help them send their money in a much secure and easier way. 🙂



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