When I was 9 years old, I had this beautiful treehouse..


And whenever I would let someone in I would always ask of them to draw a picture on a drawing board.


add picture password in windows 10



But it wasn’t any picture..


It had to be this special, particular picture which I would change every end of the week or so.


I guess it’s my own little Fort Knox back in the day haha.


So kinda like the same thing, Microsoft has their own little Picture Password for their Windows 10.


And basically what you do is, you draw a shape.


This shape can be either a straight line or a circle or whatever other shape that you want it to be.


So if what you want is an alternative password for your computer then you can always resort to this.


Sounds interesting?


Alright. I’ll show you how it is and how to add Picture Password in Windows 10 (and how to turn it off too). 🙂






How to Add Picture Password in Windows 10: 5 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and tap on Start and then head over to your Settings.



Step 2:  Alright next tap on Accounts and then select Sign in options.



Step 3:  Now do you see Picture password? Alright under that select Add.


add picture password in windows 10






You need to be using a password to sign into your Windows (you know the password that you enter every time you want to enter your computer) if you want to use this feature. If you still find that it the Picture Password is greyed out follow this great guide by Microsoft themselves.




Step 4:  Next all that you have do is just enter your password and then tap on OK.



Step 5:  Once you’ve added your picture just tap on Use this picture you can now draw your three gestures on that picture. Repeat exactly what you’ve just did, and then Finish it off.


add picture password in windows 10











How to Disable Picture Password in Windows 10: 2 Ways



1.  Using Your Group Policy Window



You are going to need to be using either Windows 10 Professional edition or the Enterprise edition to get Group Policy Window. This means of you’re on Windows 10 Home you can’t do this method (try 2).



Alright, here’s how.


Step 1:  Go ahead and press your Windows key + R to open your Run command. Then type gpedit.msc into it.


add picture password in windows 10





Step 2:  Now you will see a new window. Head over to Computer Configuration, and then Expand Administrative Templates.



Step 3:  Next look through your System folder for your Logon folder. Take your time. 🙂


add picture password in windows 10





Step 4:  Found it? Great! Tap on your Logon folder and you’ll see a number of options to your right hand side. All you have to do is just look for the option that allows you to turn off picture password sign in.



Step 5:  Once you have found it all you have to do is just double tap on it and it’ll bring up a new window. Now to your left hand side, you should see an option to turn off picture sign in. All you have to do is just select Enabled option.



Step 6:  Now all you have to do is just click OK to save your changes. 🙂


That’s it!




You can always check to see if the changes that you made really worked by heading over to your Settings and then Accounts where over here you can look for the Add option in Picture Password option.






2.  Using Registry Editor (Fast)


Yes. This works if you’re on Windows 10 Home and all the other editions as well.


Here’s how.


Step 1:  Go ahead press on Windows key + R and this will bring up the Run command. Type in regedit.



Step 2:  Next in your folders column, look for your System registry key. You can try heading over to this path:






add picture password in windows 10
This is where the path will bring you





Step 3:  Got it? Awesome! (if not comment below). Alright now that you have your System registry key, you should also be seeing now “BlockDomainPicture” DWORD value to your right hand side.




Don’t worry if you don’t see it, you can always make your own one.




Step 4:  Alright. Next right click on the blank space that’s under default and place your cursor over the New option.



Step 5: Now click on the third option that’s below DWORD (32-Bit) Value. Give your creation the name BlockDomainPicturePassword.


add picture password in windows 10





Step 6:  Done? Sweet. Now double click on your newly finished creation and you will see a new window. In that data box that you see, all you have to do is just turn the 0 into a 1.


add picture password in windows 10





Step 7:  Finish it off by tapping on OK to save you changes.





If at anytime you wish to undo this, all you have to do is just turn that 1 back to a 0.




That’s it! 🙂




Share this guide with your family and friends so that they can too add a fun and secure method of protecting their PCs. 🙂



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