Yes, really. 


And I bet you would have never saw the day Airbnb will have their own :ahem: hotel. 


Though that’s not quiet what they’re calling it. 





Home Sweet Florida.


AirBnb is working with Newgard Development Group, a property developer in Florida to build a 324-unit building in Kissimmee, Florida.


Newgard will build and own the thing and Airbnb is really just slapping its name on it.





Niido powered by Airbnb.


The apartments will be called Niido powered by Airbnb.





Tenants can sublet their apartment through Airbnb for up to 180 days each year.


The way it works: 


If you were to be a tenant of this “apartment building” then you’ll be able to rent out your apartment or one of your individual rooms exclusively on Airbnb for up to 180 days of the year. 


There will be an app as well for you to manage all your bookings with your guests, and the option to ask your MasterHost (the host on site) to handle all the things that you might need taken care of.





Guests will have hotel-style amenities.


If you were to be a guest at this place, then you’ll get hotel-style amenities such as cleaning service, keyless doors and in-room secure storage.


There will be a MasterHost as well to handle all the things that you’ll need which actually works just like how your regular hotel concierge would. 





The Split of Profits: Newgard will take 25%. Airbnb will take 3. The rest is all for the tenant.





This is just the beginning.


“This is something that philosophically matches with our long term strategy” says Jaja Jackson, Airbnb’s head of multi-family housing projects.



Newgard too had their own say, saying that their company plans to build 2,000 Airbnb branded units over the next two years. 


They’re currently working with Airbnb on five more apartment buildings just like this one, but they’re looking for the


“right neighbourhoods, and the right designs.” says Harvey Hernandez, CEO of Newgard. 



The Florida apartment building  will come in early 2018.


And Harvey (Hernandez) says that this complex is not a hotel, the project lifts the development and if anything


“we’re complimentary”.