How to Fix AirPods Won’t Reset

Do you need to reset your AirPods but can’t successfully do it?

What if you tried several times to reset your AirPods but you are not seeing the amber light on the charging case? 

If this happens, the usual suspect would be that there’s something wrong with the actual hardware. 

Truth is, there’s a lot of factors you need to check first before you have it replaced. In this guide, we will show you how to check both the software settings and the physical aspects of your AirPods so that you can figure out where exactly the issue lies and whether a replacement is even needed.

Let’s get started!


1. Make Sure That Your AirPods Fit in the Case.

It’s important to check that your AirPods fit into place when you put it back into the charging case. 

If it is loose, your charging case will think that is not connected and you will not be able to reset it. Try pressing the AirPods down gently to the charging case and then try resetting it. 


How to Fix AirPods Won't Reset


If, however, you still find the AirPods won’t reset, then try to remove the AirPods from the case and put it back. Make sure to close the lid to ensure that it fits correctly. 

One handy tip to identify if the issue is with the charging case itself is by charging the AirPods and then inspecting if whether the AirPods are getting charged. If that too doesn’t work either, then we highly recommend that you check out our article on how to fix AirPods that is not charging

We’ve found that after charging the AirPods after some time, the AirPods were able to be reset.



2. Clean the AirPods.

It’s also possible that dirt and debris stuck on your AirPods can hinder the contact between your AirPods and the charging plate inside the case.


How to Fix AirPods Won't Reset


To fix this issue, you will need to clean your AirPods so that they are able to successfully make contact for charging. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you clean the charging case particularly the insides where the charging plate is located. 

You may use a dry cotton bud and gently swipe in an outwards option to remove any debris. If the dirt has hardened, damped your cotton bud with a little bit of alcohol


How to Fix AirPods Won't Reset


This liquid will evaporate quickly and will not cause short-circuit after you clean it. Also, make sure to remove the dirt from the upper and outside sections of the charging case with a soft-bristle brush. This will help remove any excess dust.


How to Fix AirPods Won't Reset


Once you’ve cleaned both your AirPods and the charging case, try once again to reset your AirPods to see if it works.



3. Forget AirPods on Paired Apple Device.

Another effective solution that has been suggested by users in the Apple support community forum was to unpair your AirPods completely from your device as well as resetting the network settings on the device. 

This will help to remove any issues with the connection established between your AirPods and the device. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First, go to the Settings of your iPhone or iPad, then tap on Bluetooth.
  2. Next, tap the ( i ) icon next to your AirPods, tap Forget This Device and then Confirm.




  1. Then, go back to the Settings on your iPhone or iPad, and tap on General.
  2. After that, tap on Reset and then tap Reset Network Settings.



  1. Finally, provide the passcode of your iPhone or iPad if applicable.

After the unpairing process your AirPods and removing any network conflict, you should be able to reset it.  



4. Drain the Battery and Charge it.

A few users have also reported that completely draining the AirPods battery to zero and trying to charge it again before resetting has managed to the trick. 

If you’re interested to try out this solution, you can leave it somewhere dry and safe so it can drain the battery for 2 or 3 days (assuming that your AirPods are currently fully charged). 

After draining the battery, charge it to the full capacity. You can now try to do the reset process on your AirPods. 



5. Test Using Different AirPods.

At this point, if you continue to find that your AirPods won’t reset, we recommend that you try borrowing a different pair of AirPods from someone and see if they’re able to be reset. 

If the borrowed AirPods do get reset but yours don’t, then it means that there is an issue with your AirPods in which case Method 6 (below) will outline how you can get in touch with Apple regarding this.

Do make sure that you’ve tried the previous methods in this post before you proceed ahead with the manual inspection by Apple. 



6. Get in Touch With Apple Support.

It’s plausible that despite having tried the methods above, that you still can’t get your AirPods to reset. 

In which case, the best course of action would be to obtain the help of the experts. Make sure you get the serial number of your device before calling Apple Support



Alternatively, you can go to the nearest Apple Store and let the Apple-Certified technicians manually check the AirPods if they qualify for a replacement. 

Whether or not you qualify for a free replacement is up to the warranty you currently have. So we highly recommend that you check your available warranty options. Do take note that if you’ve just recently bought your AirPods, then you have up to 14 days to get your money back or obtain a replacement as per Apple’s returns and refunds policy.



This wraps up our post for today. Hopefully, you were able to learn how to fix your AirPods that won’t reset after reading this article. If you have questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below. Likewise, if you have any other alternative solutions which you’ve found to work, share it below and we will credit you with the solution the next time we update this post. 😀


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  1. When doing the hard reset on the AirPods the light goes from blinking white to blinking red as expected then blinking white then to solid green.Can somenone help?

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