You enter your Apple ID, your password and you click Sign in

But for some unknown reason, you see a message saying that Your Apple ID has been disabledSometimes you might even not even see the message on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and it’s like you can’t even log in.


Apple ID is disabled


No matter how many times you enter your password, even if you’re absolutely sure it is correct, you can’t log in if your Apple ID is disabled.

It’s really frustrating.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can fix when Apple ID is disabled in less than 3 minutes of your time. 🙂


But first …


Why is My Apple ID Disabled?

You know you didn’t do anything wrong but most of the time Apple IDs are disabled for one of two reasons:

  1. You may have entered your password incorrectly too many times in a row. 
  2. You haven’t used your Apple ID for a long time. 


You probably saw on these messages too.

If you saw any of the following messages:

  • “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”
  • “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”
  • “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”


Then know that they all mean the same thing. The message varies across devices. 

Let’s go recover your Apple ID. 



How to Fix When Apple ID is Disabled: 5 Steps


Make sure to go from 1-5 accordingly.


1. The Simplest Method.

The first way you can try to fix your disabled Apple ID is by jumping into a special page by Apple and then changing the password for it.



It’s best if you use your computer to visit Apple’s Apple ID webpage, since it’s a whole lot easier to type your Apple IDs, passwords, and your security questions with a full-sized keyboard. A lot of people make the same mistake (sometimes even twice) when they enter and confirm a new password using their iPhone. Don’t be like those people. Be the smart you.

Let’s dive right in.


Step 1:  Go ahead visit and click on Forgot Apple ID or password? Then enter your email address for the Apple ID that is disabled. You’ll also need to enter the security characters that’s shown in the image. Hit Continue. 


Apple ID is disabled


What if I do not know my the email address for my Apple ID ?

If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID’s email address, then it may help to use your iPhone or Mac and find out if the Apple ID’s email address shows up in the Settings.  


Step 2:  Good. Now you’ll be asked on how you’ll like to reset the password: Get an email or Answer security questions. Choose the one that you’re most comfortable with. 🙂  I am going to go with Get an email. Hit Continue. 



If you remember that you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, then resetting the password will be a piece of cake. All you’ll need is one of your trusted devices.

Follow the steps for Two-Factor Authentication.

If you have enabled two step verification, then Apple will ask for your Recovery Key. 

Follow the steps for Two-Step Verification. 


Step 3:  Since you’ve not used two-factor or two-step verification methods and you chose to Get an Email, then jump into the email address that you just entered in the previous step and look for an email by Apple asking you to reset.



If you chose Answer security questions, then you’ll only need to answer the security questions that is shown by Apple to get hold of the reset password page.


Step 4:  Found the email? Great! Just tap on Reset now (it’s in blue) in the email.


Step 5:  Finally, all that you have to do is just think of a new password (one that you’ll remember!) and write it down. Make sure the password is different from the one that you’ve used last time. Hit Reset Password once you’re done.


Voila! You’re account will be fixed and will not be disabled or locked anymore. 



Don’t forget to change the password for the Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Also, update the password in your Settings so that you are able to download new apps from your App Store or iTunes.

You’re done.



2. If you’re using Two-Factor Verification.


If you’re on iPhone or iPad.

Step 1:  If you’re on your iPhone or iPad then jump into your Settings app and tap on your Apple profile (it’s the one with your name the very top) 

Step 2:  Next tap on Password & Security and then Change Password. 



If you’re on iOS 10.2 or earlier then tap on iCloud and then your name


Step 3:  Finally, all you have to do is just follow the onscreen steps to update your password.


If you’re on Mac.

Step 1:  If you’re on your Mac then jump into your Apple Menu and then click on System Preferences.

Step 2:  Next, select iCloud and then Account Details.

Step 3: Finally, just click on Security then Reset Password and enter your password that you use to unlock your Mac to reset your Apple ID. 



There are two things you need to take care of once that you have your Apple ID fixed:

  • It’s good to have more than one trusted number to your Apple ID (and iCloud) account so that if you come into a situation where don’t have access to one of both of your trusted phone numbers then you can still manage to recover your account. To add another trusted phone number jump into your Settings app then tap on your Apple profile (at the very top). Then tap on Passwords & Security and then tap Edit. Over here just tap on Add a Trusted Phone Number and add your backup trusted phone number.
  • Also don’t forget to change the password for the Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Also, update the password in your Settings so that you are able to download new apps from your App Store or iTunes.


You’re done.



3. If you’re using Two-Step Verification.

Apple requires that you verify your identity by entering your Recovery Key. Remember when you first enabled Two-Step Verification for your Apple ID and Apple provided you with a 14-character passcode? Yeah that’s your Recovery Key and it’s crucial to regain access to your account.



If you’ve permanently lost your Recovery Key or if you’ve lost access to your trusted device (your iPhone, iPad, Mac) then you can’t change your password. 🙁


Here’s how you can use your Two-Step Verification that you’ve enabled to get your Apple ID back.

Step 1:  Go to and enter your unique Recovery Key.  Then hit Continue.


Apple ID is disabled



Step 2:  Next, choose one of your trusted devices and Apple will send that device a verification code.


Step 3:  Grab that device and find the verification code it’ll most likely be in your Messages app. 


Step 4:  Now enter the verification code.


Step 5:  Finally, all you have to do now is just think of a new password (not as same as the one before). Hit Reset Password to finish it off.


Voila! You can now use your new password to access your Apple ID. 



Don’t forget to change the password for the Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Also, update the password in your Settings so that you are able to download new apps from your App Store or iTunes.


But If you’ve tried everything and none of the above works for you, then …



4.  It’s Time to Contact Apple Directly.

When your Apple ID is disabled, it’s not as easy as it sounds to have it fixed over the phone or in an online chat with Apple.

Trust is not a factor when it comes to Apple employees and Apple IDs.

I know you’re you, you know you’re you, and they know you’re you, but most of the time that simply is not enough.

Apple has received a lot of backlash and tons of bad press over the years regarding their clumsy security mistakes especially with the breaches in iCloud that happens every now and then. Because of that, we need to understand that to an extent why Apple has made it terribly difficult for users to use their Apple ID after it is disabled. 

The best way you can get hold of a person at Apple is on their website. 


So here’s what you do.

Step 1:  Visit the Apple Support website and then select Apple ID.


Step 2:  Next, choose Disabled Apple ID. 

Apple ID is disabled


You can then set up a call with an Apple employee, start an online chat session or email Apple support.


That’s it! 🙂



Share this guide with anyone, your friends or your family and help them if their Apple ID is disabled too and are looking to recover it. 🙂



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