How to Batch Rename Files in Windows 11

Wondering how to batch rename files in Windows 11 and save time?

Windows 11 has been one of the most remarkable OS releases by Microsoft so far. The version has not only made sure to provide a great user experience but with convenient functionalities like Customizable Action Center or the ability to rename multiple files at once.

When you only need to rename a single or a few files, you just have to right-click on the file and choose the renaming option or simply press the F2 key. But if you have a batch of files to deal with, you would want to look for a quicker and easier way. Luckily, you’ve landed on the right page. 

This guide will walk you through a series of methods through which you can rename numerous files simultaneously. By following the instructions carefully, you’ll also be able to change the format of the files at once. You could use the time saved by the process elsewhere, like checking out other guides on our page.

So without any delay, let’s dive straight in!

1. Use File Explorer Batch Rename Files in Windows 11.

File Explorer is a default application available in almost all Windows OS versions, used to manage all the files in your system, including downloaded ones. For that reason, it makes sense that we start with the said application when it comes to batch renaming files in Windows 11.

Although this method is not as versatile as the ones we’ve covered below, it gets the job done for most users. In fact, it is one of the easiest options when you want files with a similar name.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. To start, right-click on the Start menu or press the Windows key + X.
  2. From the list of options, click on File Explorer.
file explorer in settings
  1. Then, navigate to the files you want to rename. For your convenience, move all the files you wish to rename to a separate folder.
  2. Select all the files by left-clicking them while holding down the Ctrl key from your keyboard. If you want to rename all the files in the current folder, simply press Ctrl + A keys or use your mouse to make the selection.
  3. Now right-click anywhere on the right pane of the File Explorer window. From the context menu, choose Rename. Alternatively, you may press the F2 key on your keyboard.
Batch Rename Files in Windows 11
  1. Type in the desired name and hit the Enter key.
renamed file in windows 11

While you will be entering the name in the box of only one file, Windows will assign the same name to the rest of the files as well. However, they will contain different numbers in ascending order. 

In case you want to assign different names to all selected files at once, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Begin by creating a folder in a root directory. Then move all the files you want to rename into it.
  2. Now launch Command Prompt from the Start menu. When it opens, type ‘cd and hit Enter. This will take you to the root directory. 
  3. Then, type ‘cd X’ and run the command. Here, replace X with the name of the folder that contains all the files to be renamed.
command prompt
  1. Now run the following command:
dir /b>rename.xls
Batch Rename Files in Windows 11
  1. After that, go back to the X folder in File Explorer. There you will see the rename.xls file. Double click on it to open the Excel sheet.
rename file in windows 11
  1. The first column will contain the list of files in the folder. The second column is for the appointed name of the files. In the third column, type  “=”ren “&A1&” “&B1” and drag it to the whole column.
Batch Rename Files in Windows 11
  1. Next, copy all the lines of the third column and paste them into a new Notepad. Save it as Rename.bat in the same folder. Make sure that the Save as type is set to All Files.
rename file
  1. Then, a Windows Batch File will show up in the same folder. Double click on it to run the file, and after a few seconds, all the files will be renamed.
windows batch file of rename

2. Use PowerToys.

In case you don’t know, PowerToys is an application developed by Microsoft offering numerous freeware system utilities specially designed for advanced users. Through it, you can remap the keyboard shortcuts, create windows layouts, batch rename files in Windows 11, and so much more.

Since this guide focuses on renaming multiple files at once, here’s how you can utilize PowerToys for the purpose:

  1. Firstly, download and install the latest PowerToys version from GitHub. Run the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the program successfully.
  2. Once done, open PowerToys and click on the PowerRename tab from the left pane. 
  3. Then, click on Open Settings from the right pane.
  4. Switch on the Enable PowerRename toggle if it’s not turned on already.
powerrename in powertoys settings
  1. Now select the files you want to rename and right-click on them. From the context menu, choose Show more options and click on PowerRename.
  2. When the window opens, type the word you want to change in the first box and the word you want to replace it with in the second box.
  3. Finally, click on the Apply button to make the changes.
Batch Rename Files in Windows 11

3. Use Third-Party Apps.

Another option to batch rename files in Windows 11 is to use third-party software designed explicitly for the purpose. Some reliable applications are FastStone’s Photo Resizer, Massive File Renamer, Advanced Renamer, File Renamer Basic, Ant Renamer, and Rename-It

You first need to install one of the programs, run its setup file and launch the application. Their interface is pretty easy to understand, and most of the time, you’ll just need to provide a word that needs to be replaced and a word you will replace them with. But you can also add, remove, change the case, or give an entirely new name to the file.

This concludes our guide on how to batch rename files in Windows 11. Hopefully, by now, you’d have successfully renamed a batch of files on your computer. If you still have any queries, scroll down to the comment section. We’ll be happy to provide further assistance.

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