You gotta admit,


The Samsung S8 is one gorgeous piece of machinery,


But there was just this one thing that was up in everyone’s mind..


“Why is there a puny button for Bixby?”


Now I’m sure you would have already known by now who Bixby really is,


If not you should then,



However some of us, like you and me, still prefer Google Assistant, soo…



Here’s how you can change the button for instead of calling Bixby, you can call Google Assistant instead.


Can’t wait?


I know, me neither.





How to Remap the Bixby Button to Launch Google Assistant: 7 Steps


The only thing you’ll be needing



Now that you have installed this app, just follow these few little steps and you’ll soon be fine dining with Google Assistant instead of Bixby.




Step 1:  Go ahead an open the app up, and you’ll have to give it permission to access and modify your accessibility settings.

(This helps if you need to remap Bixby back if you ever need it to access your Bluetooth settings)



Step 2:  Alright, once you’re in, swipe over to the left screen where you’ll see the tab for Hard Keys. Select Enable, then Enable All in One Gestures’ Accessibility Service.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant




Step 3:  Great! Now tap on the Accessibility Settings screen, scroll down to Services and under that you should see All in one Gestures, select that.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant




Step 4:  Then toggle the OFF radio button to ON to complete enabling All in One Gestures’ Accessibility Service.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant





It’s time to remap!


Step 1:  You see that Overflow/menu button you’ve got there at the right hand corner? Yeah tap that and you should see Custom Keys, tap that too.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant




Step 2:  Now you’ll see a dialog asking you to ‘Add Custom Key’. All you have to do is just press the Bixby button on the side of your S8.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant




Step 3:  You will see that Bixby will pop up when you press the Bixby button but for now just take a step and go back to All in One Gestures.



Step 4:  Now that you’re back, you should be able to see in the Key Field the number 1082.

This number represents the key code that is sent by Bixby whenever you press the Bixby button. 🙂


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant




Step 5:  Just press Add to have the Key Code added by All in One Gestures so that it can listen for and intercept it.

Once you press Add, you should now see that the key code #1082 under the Custom Keys in your All in One Gestures.





Finishing Touches


Now you can have All in One Gestures launch the app/shortcut of your choice.


Step 1:  Tap on the circle box right next to the Key Code #1082 under Custom Keys to open up a new dialog box.



Step 2:  Now the first screen should be the Action. Go there and select Search in the list.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant




Step 3:  Then lastly choose Voice Search.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant




Once that’s all done, you should now see ‘Voice Search’ under Key Code #1082 in the Custom Keys section inside the app.


Bixby button to launch Google Assistant



Bixby button to launch Google Assistant





That’s it! 🙂


From now on whenever you press the Bixby button, you will get Google Assistant like you wanted.








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