Tired of when your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend bugs you till death with their constant psychotic emails?


I’ve got your back.


In this quick and simple guide I’ll show you how you can block someone on Gmail (and as well as unblock them) in less than 7 seconds of your time. 🙂



How to Block Someone on Gmail: 5 Steps


Step 1:  Log into your Gmail account


Block Someone on Gmail



Step 2:  Pull up an email from the sender that you wish to block.

If your inbox is flooded with messages, you can just search for that person’s name in the box at the top.


Block Someone on Gmail




Step 3:  Hit the down arrow    to the far right of the sender’s name.


Block Someone on Gmail



Step 4:  Now, click Block “Sender Name” from the list that drops down.


Block Someone on Gmail



Step 5:  Press Block to confirm.


Block Someone on Gmail

There you go! Now you will now stop receiving emails from this person.




Alternative Ways.

Here are some other ways which you may go about to block someone on Gmail.


1.  Use a Gmail Extension

You must be using Google Chrome in order for you to do this.


Step 1:  Add the Block Sender for Gmail extension from the Google Chrome web store.


Block Someone on Gmail




Step 2:  Then once you’re in your Gmail, open any message that you want to block and you will see there a new Block button.

When you press Block, what it does is create a new Gmail filter which will block the sender.


Block Someone on Gmail




Step 3:  Done? Great! Now a confirmation message will appear, allowing you to undo the block.


Block Someone on Gmail



After you have done that, a Gmail filter will be created so that in the future whenever you receive any messages from your psychotic sender it will straight go into the thrash rather than your inbox.



2.  Manually Setup Filters

Instead of using the Google extension you can also manually set up filters to block your annoying senders from ever sending you a message again.


Here’s how you can do that

Step 1:  Click on the Show search options triangle    in the Gmail search field

Step 2:  Next go ahead and type your desired email address under From


Once you have done those two little steps you can proceed with the following step.

For the next step, I have laid down a trick or two below which you can choose on how you want to easily block many senders at once:


If you want to block an entire domain

Here’s how you can do that.

Let’s take for example if you want to block all the emails from both [email protected] and [email protected], then you’ve  got to type “@example.com“.


If you wanted to block more than one email address

Then what you’ve got to do is separate each of them with a “|” (the vertical bar; typically you can find it above the backslash on your keyboard; don’t include the quotation marks however).

Let’s say if you took the last example, then you can block both [email protected] and [email protected] by typing “[email protected]|[email protected]“.



Done? Awesome! Now let’s get back to manually setting up your own Gmail filters.


Step 3:  So after you’ve got that out of the way, Click Create filter with this search ».

Step 4:  Do make sure that you check Delete it under When a message arrives that matches this search.

Step 5:  Finally, click Create filter.

Once again, you should make sure to check Also apply filter to [] matching conversations so that it also deletes previously received messages from that sender(s).


You’re done! 😀


If you have a blocker’s remorse and want to hear from your contact again, then you can keep reading to find out how you can unblock the person on Gmail.



How to Unblock Someone on Gmail

Step 1:  Click Settings    on the top right of your inbox.


Block Someone on Gmail




Step 2:  Select Settings


Block Someone on Gmail




Step 3:  Select Filters And Blocklist


Block Someone on Gmail




Step 4:  Now click Unblock  which you can see to your far right hand side.


Block Someone on Gmail



That’s it!



Alternate Ways.

Here are some other ways which you may go about to unblock someone on Gmail.


If you have a message from the sender you want to unblock at hand

If you can’t find it in your inbox try searching in the Spam folder.


Here’s how you can unblock a sender if you have the message at hand:

Step 1:  Open the message.

Step 2:  Click the More button in the email’s header area.

Step 3:  Now select Unblock “Name” from the menu that just has shown.

Step 4:  Finally, all you have go to do is  Click Unblock under Unblock this sender.



If you can’t seem to find the email from the sender that you just had blocked so that you can unblock

Step 1:  Click Settings  ⚙  in your Gmail.

Step 2:  Select Settings from the menu that has appeared.

Step 3:  Now Go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses category.

Step 4:  Done? Great! You should make sure that the sender you want to unblock is checked under The following senders are blocked.

Step 5:  Click Unblock selected senders.

Step 6: Finally click Unblock under Unblock selected senders or Unblock this sender.




Share this guide with anyone, your friends or your family and help them learn how they can block unwanted senders on their Gmail accounts.
They’ll appreciate it. 🙂




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