How to Cancel Playstation Plus Subscription

Do you want to cancel your Playstation Plus subscription?

Playstation Plus is a premium service offered within the Playstation Network, which is needed if you want to play online games with your friends or other people. Aside from that, PS Plus also gives you free games every month and exclusive deals on the Playstation Store. 

You can subscribe to PS Plus for around $10 every month, or you can purchase their 12-month subscription promo for $60. If you are just trying the service, getting a one-month subscription is the way to go. 

Thankfully, users can cancel their PS Plus subscription if they decide to stop using the service. 

However, getting this done is not as simple as it sounds. 

Many Playstation users get confused about canceling their subscription, and some even encounter issues while doing so. 

To help our fellow Playstation users, we’ve decided to make a guide on how to cancel your Playstation Plus subscription. 

Let’s dive right in!

Canceling Your PS Plus Subscription Using Your Playstation.

The easiest way to cancel your PS Plus subscription is through your Playstation. This is also the most convenient way since you don’t need to use other devices aside from your console. Also, when you cancel your subscription, the remaining days left from your previous subscription will remain active. 

Here’s how you can cancel your PS Plus subscription using your Playstation 4: 

  1. First, access the Playstation Plus tab on the main screen. 
  2. After that, go to the Manage Membership tab in the upper right corner of your display. 
  3. Now, select Subscriptions
  4. Lastly, you’ll see an option to Extend or Turn Off Auto-Renew. Choose Turn Off Auto-Renew to stop being charged for the next month. 
PS Plus tab on PS4

If you are using a PS5, you can stop your PS Plus subscription by doing the following: 

  1. On your PS5, go to the Settings and open the User and Accounts tab. 
  2. Next, navigate to Account > Payment and Subscriptions > Subscriptions > Playstation Plus
Payment and Subscription tab PS5
  1. Finally, select Turn Off Auto-Renew.

After that, your PS Plus subscription won’t renew for the next month. 

However, if you can’t access this option on your Playstation, you can follow the next method below. 

Cancel Your PS Plus Subscription Using a Browser. 

Aside from your Playstation, you can also manage your PSN account and PS Plus subscription using a web browser. This option can come in handy if you can’t access your console at the moment but want to disable the auto-renew feature. 

See the steps below to manage your PSN account using a browser: 

  1. Using any browser, visit PSN’s official website
  2. Next, enter your credentials and log in to your account. 
  3. After that, go to Account Management and click on the Subscription tab. 
cancel Playstation Plus subscription
  1. Lastly, click on Turn Off Auto-Renew next to PS Plus

Once done, sign out your account from your browser and see if your PS Plus subscription is already canceled on your console. 

How to Request a Refund for Playstation Store Purchase? 

If you recently bought a game or subscribed to a service on the PS Store, you may be eligible for a refund if you change your mind. You have 14 days to request a refund for purchased games, given that you haven’t downloaded them yet on your Playstation. 

cancel Playstation Plus subscription

On the other hand, you’ll have 14 days to request a refund for PS Plus and other subscriptions. However, the amount to be refunded may vary depending on how long you’ve used the service. 

You can request a refund by visiting Playstation’s Refund Assistant. From there, simply follow the instructions given to you to complete the process. 

Contact Playstation’s Support. 

If you have other concerns regarding your Playstation Network account, you can always visit PSN’s official site, where you can get in touch with their team to ask for assistance. Include your account details, a screenshot of the problem, and the model of your Playstation on your report to help their team assess the situation faster. 

cancel Playstation Plus subscription

This ends our guide on how to cancel your Playstation Plus subscription on your PSN account. If you have questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

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