How to Fix Canva Not Working

Is Canva not working on your browser? 

Canva is among the best graphics design platforms that you can use right now. It gives you a lot of options in terms of design like pre-built templates, adding creative texts on images, and filters that change the tone and contrast of your photos.

Since they cater to a lot of users online, Canva makes it a point to keep their platform free from error to provide a pleasing environment to all its users. However, like any website or application, problems within the platform are inevitable and bound to happen. 

Although Canva is very active on their Twitter account when answering the queries of their users, it is still frustrating if you are experiencing problems on the website. 

With this, we’ve decided to create a one-stop guide that would explain in detail the known errors in Canva and as well as how to fix it. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!



1. Cannot Download on Canva (Images, Videos, Etc.)?

One of the most common problems with Canva is downloads. Users would often complain that they are unable to download some projects. This could really pose problems, especially if you are trying to export a project that you need to submit to your client. 

Most of the time, this problem is caused by improper configurations that users have wrongly set while working on the project. Other reasons such as server issues, third-party applications, and a faulty browser should also be taken into consideration when fixing this problem. 

If you are dealing with this problem right now, go ahead and check out our step-by-step guide on how to fix this issue. 



2. Downloads Not Working on Canva? 

Similar to the issue above, Canva has been plagued with download problems. Compared to the problem above, you may be able to download your projects and other media files on your computer, but it is corrupted or blank when you try to open an image or play videos. 

On many occasions, the issue is caused by an unstable internet connection wherein your downloads cannot complete or gets corrupted during the process. On the other hand, the problem may also be related to download manager extensions, VPN services, or the browser you are using. 

If your downloaded project is not working on your computer, proceed to our guide on how to address this issue. 



3. ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong (500)’ on Canva.



Are you seeing a ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong (500)’ error message while using Canva? This may indicate that their servers are currently having issues. To verify this, you can try visiting Canva’s official page where they give out information regarding the status of their servers. 

However, if their servers are working fine, then the problem could be caused by corrupted data on your account, an unstable network connection, or your browser extensions. If you want to know more about this issue, visit our guide on how to fix the ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong (500)’ error message on Canva. 



4. Canva Slow and Lagging? 

One of the best things about Canva is that you can access it anytime using your browser. Being a web-based application, it requires you to have a decent internet connection and a capable device that can handle workloads on your browser. 

If Canva is slow or not working right on your browser, this could mean that your network connection is unstable or your computer is running slow. Now, to address this issue on your system, proceed to our detailed guide regarding this problem and try the suggested methods there. 



5. ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong (400)’ on Canva.


Canva not working


The (400) error code on Canva is really annoying since it randomly pops-up on the screen while working on your project. This means that the issue can be due to several factors like corrupted browser data, unstable network connection, VPN services, or even Canva’s servers. 

However, there is no need for you to get stressed out. If you are currently staring at this specific error on your browser, check out our guide on how to fix the ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong (400)’ error on Canva

On the other hand, you can also check Canva’s official page to see if the issue is with their servers. 



6. Cannot Login to Canva? Here’s the Fix!

Being locked out of your account is the worst thing that you can experience on any platform. Since all of your projects on Canva are stored online, you won’t be able to make any progress on those projects unless you gain access to your account. 

If you are among the users who cannot log in to their Canva account, you might want to check our detailed guide regarding this issue. On the guide, we would walk you through every step needed to resolve this problem in Canva. 



7. Videos Not Loading on Canva? Fix.

Videos that are buffering or not loading at all on any platform are an indication that your network connection is not working properly. If your videos are not loading on Canva, try checking your network which we’ve explained in our guide regarding this issue

However, other factors like browser extensions, browsing data, and VPN services can also affect the performance of your browser and should also be taken into consideration. 

You can also check Canva’s official page to see if their servers are working properly before changing anything on your system. 



8. Error Code 403 on Canva.


Canva not working


The error code 403 on Canva is a pop-up message that could appear after signing in to your account or while working on your projects. This prevents you from working continuously on your projects and might affect your work output throughout the day. 

If you are currently seeing the error code 403 on your screen, head to our dedicated guide about this issue and try the recommended solutions. However, before doing anything, visit Canva’s official page first to see if the problem is on their servers. 



9. Canva Not Loading? Try These Tips. 

Websites that are not loading on your browser is not a good sign. This could be a sign that your network connection is running slow. If Canva is not loading on your browser, you can try checking your network connection. 

However, this is not always the case, and other problems like VPN services, browser cache, and Canva’s servers could also be the reason why the platform is not loading. 

To explain this further, visit our guide on how to fix Canva if it is not loading and try out the possible solutions to the problem. 



10. Canva Not Connecting with Facebook? Do This.

Want to connect your Facebook account to Canva, but it is not working? Connecting your Facebook account to Canva would give you an easier option when accessing your account.  Besides, you can also post your projects to Facebook directly on Canva. 

However, if you can’t connect your account to Canva, it could be just a temporary error that may have occurred on your account. Luckily, this problem can be easily fixed by doing the solutions mentioned in our guide

This sums up our guide on how to fix Canva if it is not working. If you have other concerns or queries, let us know in the comment section below, and we would try our best to help you out. 


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