macos external gpu support graphics card

MacOS officially gains support for external GPUs

Good news for gamers and video editors.

new features Android 8.1 for OnePlus 5 & 5T

6 Awesome New Features in Android 8.1 for OnePlus 5 & 5T

There's not much but there a few cool sh**.

type 123 iphones calculator ios 11 probably wont get 6

If you type 1+2+3 into your iPhone’s calculator on iOS 11, you probably won’t get 6

You just took out your iPhone and tried it didn't you?

apple iphone x delivery dates delays

iPhone X will now only be available in December

Unless if you were awake at 3AM in your undies shopping online for the iPhone X…

tesla creates insuremytesla car insurance program

Tesla is going to give a car insurance that’s a heck lot cheaper

I've always wondered, if cars got safer will insurance rates go down? (or will…

mac mini not dead says tim cook

The Mac mini is not dead yet says Tim Cook

After a 1000 days, we finally have an answer.