How to Change Taskbar Location on Screen in Windows 10

Wondering how to change taskbar location on screen in Windows 10?

The taskbar has lived silently at the bottom of the screen since it was introduced. This little strip comes in handy when you want to launch your favorite applications and programs or switch between different windows. You can even add the icons of your favorite apps on it for quicker and easier launching. 

Interestingly, Windows 10 allows you to change the taskbar location to help you get the most out of your available screen space in certain use cases. 

If you are in for a change, you are at the right place. This guide will walk you through easy ways of changing taskbar location on screen in Windows 10. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Modify Windows Settings. 

The first method of changing the taskbar location is by modifying Windows Settings. 

Windows Settings is one of the most easy-to-use components of Windows that allows users to configure and customize their operating system. It is a hub for basic PC settings and is helpful for users who do not like digging around in the Control Panel.

Here is how you can modify Windows Settings to change the taskbar location:

  1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously on your keyboard to launch Windows Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, select Personalization from the list of options available.
  3. Now select Taskbar from the left panel and in the right pane, expand the dropdown menu against Taskbar location on the screen
How to Change Taskbar Location on Screen in Windows 10
  1. Choose where you would like to place the taskbar on your screen and then close the Settings window. 

This should change the location of the taskbar on your Windows without any issues. 

2. Use Taskbar.

Another easy way to move Windows 10’s taskbar is to drag the taskbar itself to the area of the screen you want. For this, you have to unlock the taskbar first, and then drag it to your desired location.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and uncheck Lock the taskbar to unlock your taskbar.
  2. Once the taskbar is unlocked, you can drag it to the location where you want to place it (bottom, top, left, or right of your screen). In case you have multiple displays, you can also drag it to other screens. 
How to Change Taskbar Location on Screen in Windows 10
  1. Finally, lock the taskbar by following the first step again and check-marking the Lock the taskbar option.

Doing so will change the location of your taskbar successfully.

3. Try Using CleanMyPC.

In the event that your operating system is infected with corruption errors, any of the methods described in this guide might be difficult to implement.

Junk files within your PC’s operating system are usually the cause of corruption errors, so if you haven’t done a deep cleaning in a long time, now is a good time.  

You can quickly get rid of these corrupt and unwanted files by using a good PC cleaner, and if you need our recommendation, we highly recommend CleanMyPC.

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This program offers a wide range of system maintenance tools, which are powerful enough to handle much more than clean problems. These tools include (but are not limited to) Multi-Uninstaller, Registry Cleaner, and a Speed Booster. 

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4. Use Windows Registry.

Windows Registry is a database that stores low-level information about Windows programs and processes. It is an administrative-level tool and is used by advanced users to customize the operations of their operating systems. 

Information in Windows Registry is stored in the form of Registry keys, and by modifying the relevant keys, you can customize your operating system according to your preferences. 

Here is all that you need to do:

  1. Press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open a Run dialogue box.
  2. Inside the text field of the dialogue box, type ‘regedit‘ and hit Enter. This will launch Windows Registry on your PC.
  1. Once you are inside Windows Registry, navigate to the location mentioned below.
  1. In the right pane, right-click anywhere and select the Binary value option.
How to Change Taskbar Location on Screen in Windows 10
  1. Now choose one of the values mentioned below according to your preferences and type it under Value data.
 Value data     Location
 00             Left
 01             Top
 02             Right
 03             Bottom (default) 
  1. Once done, hit Enter to save the changes you just made. 

Hopefully, modifying Windows Registry will help you make the desired changes in no time.

This brings us to the end of our guide changing taskbar location on screen in Windows 10 We tried walking you through all the steps in detail and hope that one of the methods mentioned above did the trick for you. In case you still have any confusion about the methods, please let us know in the comment section below!

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