How to Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10

This simple step-by-step guide shows you how you can change the login screen background on Windows 10 in just 1 minute. ( + Screenshots )
Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10

Bored of your generic-ass looking wallpaper?

Feel that your login screen wallpaper looks like one of those wallpapers that you may find on the wall of your dentist?

Then in this guide I’ll show you how you can change it, in less than 10 seconds of your time.



Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10: 3 Steps


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings and then Personalization.


Step 2:  Once you’re here select the Lock screen tab and enable the Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen option.


Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10


Step 3:  If you want to change the background of your sign-in screen then you can do that. Do you see that Windows Spotlight option? Yeah that gives you all the spectacular background images from various beautiful places in the world.

You can also select Picture or Slideshow if you want your own family photos, or pictures that you simply want to cherish each day by using it as your background on your Windows 10.

Do note that the image that you select here will appear as both your lock screen background and your sign in background.

Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10



What if I want just a simple, flat color instead of a background image?

If you instead want to go with a flat color rather than a background image then here’s how:

Step 1: Go ahead and disable the Show lock screen background picture on the sign in screen.

Step 2: Once you have done that, head over to your Settings, then Personalization, and then finally Colors.


Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10



The color that your choose here will be used for your sign in screen’s background as well as all other elements on your Windows 10 interface.


That’s it!


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  1. Hi, there! Thanks for the article! It was such a problem for me! I usually get wallpapers on, imdb (for movies), or just use bing backgrounds. Sometimes they are good, sometimes so so, but I’ll be really happy if you help me how to set a wallpaper on my Samsung s7

  2. Hello there! Awesome article! Thanks for sharing.. Even me, i use it visit pexels, or or just google every time. Now i’m gonna stick on this site. Please make sure you provide this quality wallpapers/ Using One plus two.. Perfect on my screen.

  3. just changed my login screen background as per your instructions. i downloaded a minimal background from and its looking awesome. i will try to get my baby photo edited and will add my baby photo as login background.

  4. This did not work at all as described. My Windows 10 is up to date as of Oct 16 2021, so maybe Microsoft have updated that feature out of existence. The option to make the sign-in screen picture the same as the lock screen does appear, and can be set… but it has no effect at all.

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