How to Fix ChatGPT Plus “We’re currently processing too many requests”

Tired of seeing ChatGPT Plus “We’re currently processing too many requests”?

ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI model, has taken the internet by storm right after its launch. From creators and YouTubers to influencers, website builders, content writers, and more, there’s rarely a group that wouldn’t find this latest technology useful. This heavy traffic on the website is exactly why you may face unexpected server errors.

One such error message says “We’re currently processing too many requests”. Encountering it is quite frustrating as it disrupts the flow of conversation with the chatbot and limits the user’s productivity. Fortunately, there are various methods you can follow to avoid the stated error and continue your conversation. 

We’ve explored some effective solutions below, so let’s jump right in!

1. Refresh the ChatGPT Website. 

Since the ‘We’re currently processing too many requests’ error is encountered mostly due to a server overload, the most effective way to troubleshoot this issue is to refresh the webpage. 

Refreshing the ChatGPT website will give a fresh start and eliminate any temporary glitches within the webpage. Simply press F5 on your keyboard or click on the reload icon at the top bar to do so.

2. Check ChatGPT Server.

Another reason why you may come across this error is due to a ChatGPT server outage. Excessive overload of the server may result in servers becoming non-operational. Other times, a server may be under maintenance, so you may not be able to use ChatGPT Plus

So, head over to the OpenAI Status page to check whether the issue lies at ChatGPT’s end. 

openAI server status

3. Try After Some Time. 

If refreshing the page didn’t work for you or you find that ChatGPT servers aren’t operational at the moment, there’s not much that you can do. The problem usually occurs due to countless users accessing ChatGPT simultaneously. 

This results in a server breakdown and various related errors, such as ChatGPT Plus ‘We’re currently processing too many requests’ or ChatGPT Plus Not Responding.

As the issue does not arise from your end, you can only wait for it to be fixed. Close the browser and wait for some time. Then, head back to ChatGPT Plus and see if the server is stabilized now. 

4. Reduce the Request Rate. 

If you send too many requests simultaneously, the system may not handle it well and get overloaded, resulting in several errors. Hence, it’s important that you slow down the rate of your requests and allow ChatGPT Plus to handle one or two requests at a time. 

5. Use A Different Browser. 

Sometimes, there might be a limit in the browser you’re using to access your ChatGPT Plus account. If that’s so, consider switching your browser and trying again to see if ChatGPT works or not. 

We recommend you use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox to log in to your ChatGPT Plus account.

microsoft edge

6. Try ChatGPT Plus with Another Device. 

If changing the browser didn’t seem to troubleshoot the issue, take it a step further and use ChatGPT Plus on another device. This will help you determine whether the issue lies in the server or your device. 

7. Clear Browser Data and Cache. 

Corrupted or outdated browser cache and cookies may cause various errors as you try to access the ChatGPT server. Hence, it’s recommended that you clear your browser cache and data to solve the ChatGPT Plus ‘We’re currently processing too many requests’ error. Use the method specified for your browser to do so. 

For Microsoft Edge:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge on your PC and click on the three horizontal dots icon from the upper-right corner. 
  2. After that, choose Settings
  3. Click on Privacy, search, and services from the left pane. 
  4. Then, click on Choose what to clear adjacent to Clear browsing data now
  5. Select a time range, then click on Clear now
ChatGPT Plus “We’re currently processing too many requests"

If you’re using Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome and select three vertical dots from the top bar. 
  2. Select Settings and click on Privacy and security from the left sidebar. 
  3. Afterward, select Clear browsing data.
  4. Click on the drop-down menu under Time range and select an option. 
  5. Ensure that all the checkboxes are selected. 
  6. Finally, click on Clear data
ChatGPT Plus “We’re currently processing too many requests"

After you’ve cleared the cache and site data from your browser, head over to ChatGPT. The ChatGPT Plus error should be resolved now. 

8. Check Your Network Connection. 

A poor and unstable network connection may also result in the issue you’re facing right now. Moreover, it’s important that you connect to a network with a strong bandwidth to handle your requests and allow you to access ChatGPT without any errors. 

To check if the problem arises due to your network, follow these steps below:

  1. Launch your browser and head over to Speedtest by Ookla
  2. Next, click on GO from the middle of the screen. 
ChatGPT Plus “We’re currently processing too many requests"
  1. The process will take some time to finish. Once it does, check your internet bandwidth.

If you find that your internet speed is slow, consider changing your network connection. Moreover, restart your Wi-Fi router and see if that works.

Once your internet connection is stable, go back to ChatGPT and log in to your Plus account. Then, check if the ‘We’re currently processing too many requests’ error would still occur.

9. Disable VPN. 

Although VPN provides added security while accessing content on the internet, it may interfere with server requests, cause network instability, and trigger the ChatGPT Plus ‘We’re currently processing too many requests’ error. 

To solve this issue, disable VPN from your computer settings. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings from your PC by pressing Win + i keys
  2. Select Network & internet from the left sidebar. 
  3. Then, choose VPN
  4. Locate the VPN you’re connected to and click on the Disconnect button. 
Windows 11 VPN settings

After disabling VPN, log in to your ChatGPT Plus account and see if that fixes the issue.


10. Contact OpenAI Support. 

If none of the methods mentioned above worked to solve the error you’re encountering, your last resort is to contact OpenAI Support. Inform them about the issue you’re experiencing so that it can be dealt with professionally. You may also reach their team at [email protected]

OpenAI support page

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to fix ChatGPT Plus ‘We’re currently processing too many requests.’ If you have any confusion or query, feel free to use the comments section below. We’ll try our best to answer them. 

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