Why in the world would you make Cortana not available for us just because we live in a different region and chose a different language.


Not only that, for the people that did choose the correct region and language they are some who still find Cortana is not available on their Windows 10.


So, there is a way…


Beyond all language and regional frontiers, stopping you from ever getting to meet Cortana…


This is how.





How to Fix When Cortana Not Available on Windows 10



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Settings. Choose Time & Language and then Region & Language.


Cortana is not Available on Windows 10





Step 2:  Now you are going to need to check Language (set as default) setting for your Windows display language. If you find that the language that you wanted is not available then you can add your desired language


  • Go ahead and select Add Language.


  • From the list, choose your desired language.


Cortana is not Available on Windows 10




  • Now choose your desired locale. Which means the language/country combination.


  • Alright! Click on the newly selected locale and select Options.


  • Do you see Download language pack? Yeah, under that select Download.


Cortana is not Available on Windows 10



  • Then under Speech, select Download.


  • Now you can go grab that cup of hot cocoa ☕️ whilst the downloads complete. It’ll take a few minutes so relax. Once it’s done then just return to Time & Language settings.


  • Click on your new language and select Set as Default.





Make sure after you have done all that (especially if you have changed languages), that you sign out of your account and back in for the new settings to take effect.





Step 3:  You’re almost there! Now check the Country or region setting. Make sure that the country you have selected corresponds with the Windows display language that you have set in the Language settings.


Cortana is not Available on Windows 10





Step 4:  Once you’ve done that, return to Settings, then Time & Language and over there select Speech. Check the Speech language setting and make sure that it’s aligned with the previous settings.





If you are still having issues, then there’s one more step. 🙂


Step 5:  Go over to your Region & Language setting under Languages, there is a section called Related settings. Over there select the Additional date, time and regional settings, then in the control window that opens:


  • Under Language, click on Add a Language.


Cortana is not Available on Windows 10




  • You will find a table of installed languages show up, all you have to do is just click Options for the language you are using.


  • Great! Now at the top of the page under Windows display language, select Make default display language.


  • Again, make sure that you don’t forget to sign out otherwise the changes won’t take effect.






If you find that it says Enabled under Windows display language, then you’re all good to go. 🙂





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