I have had a few friends who would jump into a dating app like Hinge or Tinder only to call quits within a day or two just so they could see how it is like or find out if it is even worth it. 

For whatever reason you may have decided to delete your Hinge account, it is perfectly fine.  Besides you’re not going to go to your 70s or 80s still having an active dating profile.

Eventually, you’ll need to delete your Hinge account and that is where this guide comes in to help you. 


delete Hinge account
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Let’s dive right in. 



If you have a paid subscription plan with Hinge then make sure to cancel it so that you will not be charged an auto-renewal subscription fee. To do this, simply jump into your App Store (if you’re on an iPhone or iPad) or Google Play Store (if you’re on an Android) and cancel your Hinge subscription. 


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How to Delete Hinge Account Forever:  3 Steps


  1. Jump into your Settings in your Hinge App.
  2. Next, tap Account.
  3. Finally, just tap Delete Account and then Confirm. Voila!

Done and deleted. Your profile will disappear from other’s Discover page. You can go ahead now and delete the Hinge app.



If you had registered with Hinge using your Facebook account then it is also recommended to remove Hinge as an authorized app from Facebook. This means you cut the cord between both the apps as they will stop syncing data between them. You can easily do this by jumping into your Facebook, select Settings from the top right-hand corner down arrow. Then select Apps and websites in the left-hand sidebar. Under the Active tab on this page, you should see Hinge there, so just select it and then click on the Remove button. 


That’s it! You’re now completely removed from Hinge. 🙂


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