How to Delete Spotify Account

delete Spotify account

You’re tried Spotify but for some reason it just doesn’t feel right to you does it?

Well, you’re not alone. 🙂

If Spotify’s not the one for you, then there’s tons of other great options for Music Streaming services that you can choose from.

So if you want to delete all the traces of your activity and personal information with Spotify then here’s how you can do that. 

In this guide, I’ll show you can how to delete Spotify account in just five simple steps that’ll only take less than 10 seconds of your time. 


Head’s up!

Before you delete (or close) your Spotify account, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Once you close your account, you cannot use your username ever again.
  • All your saved music, playlists and your followers can not be recovered.


If you’re okay with that, then let’s get this over with. 



How to Delete Spotify Account: 5 Steps 


Step 1:  Jump into this page and then sign in with your Spotify user name and password.


delete Spotify account


Step 2:  Sweet. Now select the Account category.


delete Spotify account



Step 3:  Next, choose the option I want to close my Spotify account permanently.


delete Spotify account



Step 4:  Now you have two options: Close Account (on your left) and Cancel Subscription (on your right). Since you want to delete your Spotify account then go with Close Account (to your left).


delete Spotify account



Step 5:  Finally, you will be asked to give a reason on why you decided to leave Spotify, which helps Spotify understand. Once you’re done just tap on Send Question. 


delete Spotify account


That’s it! 


delete Spotify account

Share this guide with anyone who’s looking to close their Spotify account. 


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