You are looking for a change. 


A break from all the annoying notifications that pop up on your apps tempting you to check it out.


If you’re often a victim of this, then it might help to turn off app icons badges or the unread counts (you know those little red bubble notifications with a number in them) on your apps. In this guide, I’ll show you how to do that and help you disable app notification badges on your Galaxy S9.




How to Disable App Notification Badges on Galaxy S9:  3 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead open your Settings and then tap Notifications.


Disable App Notification Badges on Galaxy S9




Step 2:  Now look for the App icon badges setting (it’s under Notifications on Home Screen). Found it? Great! All you have to do is just turn off the switch next to it. Just like that, all of your S9’s apps will no longer show a badge.


Disable App Notification Badges on Galaxy S9




Step 3:  If you want to keep the badges but instead have them not show the unread count, then just tap on App icon badges (not the switch next to it!) and then tap Show Without Numbers. Your apps will no longer show the number of notifications themselves but instead a more subtle badge when if notifications are present.


Disable App Notification Badges on Galaxy S9




That’s it!


Share this guide with anyone if they’re annoyed with app notifications badges too on their new Galaxy S9 and help them learn how they can disable these notifications on their phone. 🙂




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