You are texting your friend about what happened last night..


And you feel like sending an emoji of a fried shrimp 🍤


Your thumb instead of pressing the emoji button it decides to make your life a living hell and it instead chooses to press the button which kinda looks like a microphone   that you can’t remember when was the last time you’ve ever used it..


You get annoyed and frustrated as you see these ‘waves’ disrupting your creative workflow..


Here’s how you can disable it and stop it from ever distracting you from your typing ever again. 🙂





What is Dictation?


Dictation allows you to talk to your iPhone or your iPad instead of having to type it yourself.


It’s actually great whenever you’re too lazy to type out the entire thing and it can be accessed wherever you need to use it to type out what you feel like saying.


This can be used in  a text, an email, a note, or even if you ever want to message your friend on Facebook Messenger who loves telling how their daily lives went right down to the very details.


All you have to is just press this button  and say ‘ok’ or whatever you want to reply to your friend to make it look like you give a shit.




However the truth is,


This can be more of a distraction at times when you really need to type out what you really want to say as the button is so close to your emoji button or your space bar.



You gotta admit it’s much faster, easier and correct when you take it into your own hands.






Disable Dictation on iPhone: 3 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Settings and then tap on General.


disable dictation on iPhone




Step 2:  Next select Keyboard and then look for Enable Dictation. All you have to is just swipe the slider to turn it off.


disable dictation on iPhone




disable dictation on iPhone




Step 3:  Now you’ll be shown a message asking you to confirm whether you really want to turn it off, just tap Turn Off Dictation and you’re done.


disable dictation on iPhone




That’s it 😀