As you are about to throw a sucker punch onto your Mac’s screen in frustration …


Let me stop you and say to you that you don’t have to do that and there’s a better to beat those annoying macOS High Sierra update notifications and put it to rest once and for all.


In this guide I’ll show you how you can stop and disable macOS High Sierra upgrade notifications in less than five minutes. 🙂




How to Disable macOS High Sierra Upgrade Notifications: 3 Ways


1. Disable via Your Mac App Store.

Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Mac’s App Store and then tap on Updates from your top menu.


disable macOS software update upgrade notifications



Step 2:  Next, you should see a banner for macOS High Sierra. All you have to do is just control-click anywhere inside that banner.


Step 3:  Lastly, just select Hide Update and Voila! It’s gone.




2.  The Manual Method.

If you find the first method doesn’t work, or if you just want to make sure that it’s really gone then you can follow this method which disables it manually. Let’s dive in.


Step 1:  Go ahead and open your MacintoshHD.


Wait, what, where the heck is my MacintoshHD?

This is your Mac’s hard drive (hence the HD as in Hard Drive).

You can find by opening Finder then from the menu bar click Finder again and then Preferences. Then select the General tab and then select Hard disks.


disable macOS software update upgrade notifications




Step 2:  Next, open your Library folder (this is not the one in your user account but rather the top level).


Step 3:  Found your Library? Great! Once you’ve opened it, locate your Bundles folder and then open it.


Step 4:  Now look for the file named OSXNotification.bundle. This is the file that contains the annoying macOS software update notifications.


Step 5:  Once you’ve found the file, just throw it into the trash. If you’re unsure or concerned about deleting it then you can always dump the file somewhere else (like your Desktop or some new folder you create) where you can later retrieve. 


Step 6:  Lastly, just restart and see if the notification has gone.






3.  The Hardcore Method.

You can also try this method to remove the notification, it’s quick but it involves using your Terminal Command


Here’s how:

Step 1:  All you have to do is just open your Terminal Command on your Mac and then enter this one line (you can copy and paste it):

sudo mvLibraryBundlesOSXNotification.bundle ~ /Documents


Step 2:  Lastly, just enter your admin password to confirm. Then restart your Mac.


This method should put the notifications at rest.




But there’s something you should know …

The methods above sure does work to stop the notifications but it doesn’t stop your Mac from downloading the update (which the notifications are for) in the background.

According to Apple,

“High Sierra conveniently downloads in the background, making it even easier to upgrade your Mac. When the download has completed, you receive a notification indicating that High Sierra is ready to be installed.”


What that means for us is, Apple is by default downloading and not installing the latest macOS onto your Mac without even asking you if you even want it. 

So the notifications that you get is asking you to install the new update having already downloaded the update all by itself whilst you were roaming around on the internet watching videos of cute cats.

This can be a convenience or a nuisance for you because sure it does make things easier but at the extent it downloads without your permission and then it spams you with notifications to install.

There’s a setting in your App Store System Preferences where all this happens and it automatically downloads newly available updates in the background and notifies you when those updates are ready to be installed. 


Let’s get that handled quickly (read on for the next, last method) …




4. The Last Straw.

Here’s how you can turn off your Mac from downloading the updates in the background.

Step 1:  Go ahead and tap on the Apple icon which is to your top left hand corner and under that open System Preferences.


Step 2:  Next select App Store.


Step 3:  Now uncheck the Download newly available updates in the background option. Also make sure that Install app updates and Install macOS updates are unchecked. Although do leave Install system Data files and security updates checked.


disable macOS software update upgrade notifications
Like this.



Annnd you’re done! Now the updates won’t download behind your back and you can choose to download the update the next time you want to.


Great job. 🙂




Share this guide with anyone, your friends or your family if they’re looking to get rid of the pesky macOS software update upgrade notifications.



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