How to Disable Read Receipts on Signal

Getting stood up with a “Read” under the message is not smurf-worthy.
disable read receipts on Signal

Getting stood up with a “Read” under the message that you’ve sent is bound to cause unnecessary controversy.


So why even turn it on?


It’s stressful and it’s not worth getting worried about.


Besides, you should be able to read the messages when you want to and decide when to reply when you’re most comfortable not having to worry about upsetting the other person.


In this guide, I’ll show you how to disable Read Receipts on Signal in just three simple steps. 🙂





How to Disable Read Receipts on Signal:  3 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your Signal app and then tap on the little gear icon which is on the upper-left hand corner (iOS) or the three dots on the upper-right hand corner (Android)  to jump into your Settings. Then tap on Privacy.


disable read receipts on Signal





Step 2:  Next, scroll down until you see Read Receipts. Found it? Awesome! All you have to do is just toggle off the switch right next to Read Receipts.






Step 3:  Finally, it’s time to test it out. Jump into your Inbox (your conversations page) and try to send a message normally. Since now that you have disabled Read Receipts, under your sent message you should either see two gray check marks (on Android) or it should say “Sent” or “Delivered” (on iOS). 


With Read Receipts Disabled.





If you still see that it shows “Read” under your sent message (like the picture below) then you might have accidentally not turned the Read Receipts setting properly off. Just follow through the steps above. 



Without Read Receipts Disabled.



That’s it! 🙂




Share this guide with your anyone, your friends or your family who’s on Signal and help them know how they can turn off their Read Receipts too.




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