How to Fix Discord Not Sending Messages

Find that Discord is not sending messages?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

The issue of Discord not sending messages is a pretty common issue amongst Discord-ers, and you can read up on the similar experiences faced by others on the Reddit threads and online forums

Now to identify the source of the issue, we need to shift our perspective in two ways: 1) from your side 2) Discord’s side. Most if not all of us have good stable internet connections and the issue had emerged out of nowhere with Discord, which in the case would be Discord’s problem. There are solutions to address that, and we will be going over that in this guide. The issue can also be with your internet connection, especially if it keeps disconnecting. In such a case, this guide will also address how you diagnose the issue from your side and proceed to take the necessary steps to fix it. 

Henceforth, let’s not waste another minute and jump right into fixing it! 🙂

  1. Restarting Discord
  2. Check If There Is Server Outage from Discord’s End
  3. It Could Be Your Internet. Power Cycle It
  4. On Discord Mobile App? Try Using Data Instead.
  5. Try Switching Server Regions
  6. Change Platforms Mobile to Desktop, Vice-Versa
  7. Report to Discord


Discord Not Sending Messages? Here Are The Fixes: 7 Ways


1. Restarting Discord.

First and foremost, before you try anything else in this guide, completely shut down the Discord app and then try restarting it.

If you’re on Windows PC, you can try to open your Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and then see if the Discord app is not running under the Processes tab under Apps or Background Processes. If Discord is running, then right-click on it and hit End Task. The reason why we need to do is that whenever we try to close Discord, it can remain open in the background as can be seen below where the Discord icon appears in the taskbar.


discord not sending messages


If you’re on Mac, then pressing the Command + Spacebar keys will bring up Spotlight where you need to type in Activity Monitor to bring it up. From inside Activity Monitor, try and look through the list if the Discord app continues to run. If yes, select the Discord app and then hit the info button (i) button on the top-left hand corner. You can shut down the Discord app by hitting the (x) button which is also located on the top-left corner right next to the info button.


discord not sending messages


Once you’ve shut down the Discord app, completely, open up Discord again. This will restart it. Once Discord’s finishes its updates (if any) and opens up, try to test if you’re able to send messages once again.



2. Check If There Is Server Outage from Discord’s End

The most likely source for this issue will be down to Discord themselves. This is especially the case if sending messages was working for you previously but abruptly stopped working. 

The first way to detect if there is any outages or issues from Discord’s end is to head over to and check if there are any significant outages over the past few hours.


discord not sending messages


If there is, then the logical solution is first to report it to Discord (Method 7) and then wait it out. Another app to use to check if Discord is down is It’s an alternative source to check if there are any outages with Discord.


discord not sending messages



3. It Could Be Your Internet. Power Cycle It.

On the opposite side of the story, it could be an issue from your end. In which case, the problem will most likely be lying with your internet connection, the router and the modem. In such a case, it’s recommended to power-cycle it. A power cycle is just a form of the restart but works well with internet routers and modems to jumpstart them.

When power-cycling, you must proceed in the specified order below:

  1. Firstly, shut down your computer completely.
  2. Next, switch off your modem, followed by the router. Once you switched them off, unplug their power cables. Don’t unplug their power cables without switching them off first!
  3. Great! Now, wait for about 30 seconds.
  4. Now, plug the power cables back into the modem and the router BUT don’t switch them on just yet.
  5. You will first need to turn on your modem, wait for it to set up and initialize first. You can tell when it is done as the flickering of lights will become stable. 
  6. Next, turn on your router and let the blinking lights stabilize.
  7. Lastly, you can now turn your computer back on and try to reconnect to the internet. Try testing Discord to see if you’re able to send messages now. 



4. On Discord Mobile App? Try Using Data Instead.

If you’re using the Discord mobile app, then try to switch from Wi-Fi to Cellular Data (or vice-versa) and see if the switch helps get around the issue. If you’re on an Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, you can go into your Settings > Cellular and switch on Cellular Data. Make sure to turn off Wi-Fi.


discord not sending messages


If you’re on Android, similarly, go into your device’s Settings app > Network & internet > Data usage > Mobile data. Switch on Mobile data and switch off Wi-Fi. The steps for Android may vary based on the device that you’re using (Samsung, OnePlus, Google Pixel, etc.)

Try testing by opening up the Discord app and see if you’re able to send messages from the app. 


5. Try Switching Server Regions.

This may be an offshoot, but it is certainly worth a try.

  1. In Discord, especially if you’re chatting with someone, then hover over and click the name of the region you’re currently on. It’s on the top-right.
  2. Next, select your preferred voice server region, then click it (as shown below).

discord not sending messages


The general idea is that you should pick the server that’s a good middle-ground between you and your friends. For example, if you have some people on the west coast of the US, and some on the east coast, try using “US Central” for your voice region. Or, if you’re all in Australia, pick the Sydney region.

Try switching between servers and see what works. 



6. Change Platforms Mobile to Desktop, Vice-Versa.

For some users, they have found that they were able to send messages after switching from the desktop Discord app to the mobile version. You can try it too especially if you’re in an urgent call with someone and you need the message sending feature at the moment. 

Once you’ve hopped onto the mobile app (or desktop app, if you were initially on the mobile app) try to send messages once again to see if it works. 



7. Report to Discord.

Lastly, if you find that the issue is continuing to persist despite trying all of the above solutions, then lodge a report to Discord on the Submit Request page.

The above link will create a new support request. Make sure to choose from the dropdown box under What can we help you with? to Help & Support. Then explain the problem of not being able to send messages after trying out the solutions in this guide. 

The more reports all of us submit together, the faster the Discord team can identify that this is a rising concern. Hopefully, this guide does help in fixing your Discord not sending messages issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment down below, and we will love to help you out. ❤


If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂



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