How to Download Disney Plus on Kindle Fire

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Have a Kindle Fire, and you’re looking to install and download Disney Plus on the Kindle Fire for you and your family to watch? 

Then this guide is written just for you. 🙂

Initially, the Wall Street Journal had reported that Disney was not going to be releasing Disney Plus for all Amazon devices due to an initial dispute concerning ad revenue. However recently, Disney and Amazon have made amends with the announcement that Disney Plus will be available on all Amazon devices ⁠— whether you’re on a Kindle Fire/Fire/Fire 7, Fire TV, Fire Tablet and more.

We will show step-by-step how you can install and download Disney Plus onto your Kindle Fire.

So without further ado, to infinity and beyond. 



How to Download Disney Plus on Kindle Fire: 3 Steps


  1. Go ahead, grab your Kindle Fire tablet and from the Home tab, open up the FireOS App Store.
download disney plus on kindle fire
Wondering how to get google play app onto your Kindle Fire (as seen above)? We’ve got a guide for that too here: How to Install Google Play on Kindle Fire.


  1. Next, tap on the little search icon that is located on the top right-hand side of your Kindle Fire’s screen and search for “Disney Plus”. You should find that the search will bring up the official Disney Plus app
download disney plus on kindle fire


Head’s Up

Be careful of counterfeit apps that may have the same name as Disney Plus. Be sure that the original developer of the Disney Plus app is verified and not some knockoff developer. The FireOS AppStore lacks secure verification like the other app stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


  1. Now, once you have found the Disney Plus app, tap on the Get Up button to begin downloading the Disney Plus app onto your Kindle Fire tablet.


You’re done! The Disney Plus app once finished installing will appear right in your Home tab along with all your other apps. 




Say if you did not manage to find the Disney Plus app in the FireOS App Store or perhaps your FireOS App Store is not working for some reason, then you may follow the below steps to download Disney Plus directly from Amazon. 

  1. Get onto your Windows PC, Mac or smartphone and then visit Make sure to sign in to your Amazon account if you have not done that already.



Make sure that the Amazon account that you sign in with is precisely the same Amazon account that is linked with on your Kindle Fire. Otherwise, the Disney Plus app will not appear on your Kindle Fire. 


  1. Next, click on the search bar and then look up “Disney Plus” or “Disney+”. Whichever works. For convenience, we have linked the Disney + Amazon page here directly

download disney plus on kindle fire


  1. Now, under the Deliver to part of the page, there will be a dropdown box which you can select your Kindle Fire tablet from the list of devices.
download disney plus on kindle fire
Make sure that you’re logged into the Amazon account linked to your Kindle Fire to see this option.


  1. Lastly, once you’ve selected your Kindle Fire tablet, hit the orange Get App button, and the Disney Plus app will be assigned onto your device.

Now take note that the Disney Plus app is not available for use at this point because you will need to make sure that your Kindle Fire tablet is connected to the internet first. Once you’ve made sure that, the Disney Plus app will begin installing on its own and it will appear under your Home tab along with all your other apps.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you get and download Disney Plus onto your Kindle Fire device. If you have questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will love to help you out. ❤


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  1. Hi Jake,

    Is it possible to add the Disney Plus app to a child profile on a Fire Kids tablet? Are there restrictions that prevent it from appearing in the list of apps my child can download?

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