Why not be the first for once?


Remember when your Volume indicator appears right gobsmack in the centre of your iPhone or your iPad when the Golden State is just about to win the NBA Finals?



Say no more.


Download iOS 11 Beta





Wait wait, how about…. wait for it… screen recording.


F*** yeah.


Download iOS 11 Beta





How about a one handed keyboard?


Download iOS 11 Beta





How do you find going all out Dark?


Download iOS 11 Beta





Then there’s all that other new stuff like the new App Store, the upgraded Apple Music, revolutionized Apple Pay which you can pay directly via iMessage, and tons more.


Here’s a great video by Marques on it.





You can be the first to try all these out right now way before your mates even get it.




Here’s how you can the iOS 11 Beta in just 7 Simple steps.. 🙂





This is important


Just in case if you decide that you don’t like iOS 11 Beta once you’ve tried it or if you simply just want to switch back then make sure that you always keep a backup of your iPhone or your iPad using iTunes before you jump into iOS 11 Beta and also bookmark this complete simple article on how you can downgrade back to your previous iOS version.


4 Simple Steps to Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.2 (in 3 Minutes)








How to download iOS 11 Beta: 7 Steps


Step 1:  Head over to Apple Beta Download Center on your Safari on your iOS device.


Download iOS 11 Beta





Step 2:  Next tap on Download under iOS Downloads.


Download iOS 11 Beta





Step 3:  Now download the iOS Beta Software Profile then tap on Install and enter your pass code.


Download iOS 11 Beta





Step 4:  Now just tap on Install to your top right corner and then tap once again on Install.


Download iOS 11 Beta





Step 5:  Then tap on Restart.


Download iOS 11 Beta





Step 6:  Once your iOS device has restarted, head over to your Settings, and then General.


Download iOS 11 Beta





Step 7:  Lastly tap your Software Update and you should see here iOS Developer Beta Profile. Just download it like you normally do.


Download iOS 11 Beta





That’s it! 🙂



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