How to Download iOS 11 Beta on iPhone and iPad

Why not be the first for once? How do you find… Here’s a quick and simple guide on how to download iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone or your iPad (+Screenshots)
Download iOS 11 Beta

Apple has released tons of great, new features with the iOS 11 update.

From implementing a one-handed keyboard, screen recording, to even rectifying the annoying volume indicator that often would appear in the middle of your iOS device’s screen.

Then there’s also the other stuff like a new, remodeled App Store, upgraded Apple Music, new Apple Pay feature which you can pay directly via iMessage, and much more.

Now, this guide will NOT go over all the features that iOS 11 brings, but we hope that the video from Marques Brownlee (below) helps introduce the various new features in greater depth. 🙂



This guide will, however, go over step-by-step on how you can install iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone or iPad.

Hence, without further ado, let’s jump right in!


What you will need to know

If you ever change your mind about iOS 11 Beta, then make sure that you keep a backup of your iPhone (or iPad) using iTunes. Additionally, you will also want to bookmark the following article on how you can downgrade back to your previous iOS version.



How to Download iOS 11 Beta: 7 Steps.


  1. Head over to Apple Beta Download Center on your Safari on your iOS device.

Download iOS 11 Beta



  1. Next, tap on Download under iOS Downloads.

Download iOS 11 Beta



  1. Now download the iOS Beta Software Profile, then tap on Install and enter your passcode.

Download iOS 11 Beta



  1. Now tap on Install to your top right corner and then tap once again on Install.

Terms and Conditions for Installing



  1. Then tap on Restart.

Restart Update Process



  1. Once your iOS device has restarted, head over to your Settings and then General.

iOS Settings



  1. Lastly, tap your Software Update, and you should see here iOS Developer Beta Profile. Just download it like you usually do.

Download iOS 11 Beta



That’s pretty much it!

We hope that this guide has helped to download iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone or iPad. If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will love to help you out. ❤


If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂


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