2018 is here, and well as much as both you and I would have wagered upon that Blackberry would be the next big thing a couple of years back, it doesn’t seem all so true now.


WhatsApp has come out and said that they will stop supporting the app for Blackberry OS (including the Blackberry 10).


The worst part? The app can stop working at any time.


While it may be heartbreaking now, but, come on, we kinda knew where this was heading to and we sort of got the idea that some time soon this was going to happen. 


But before you throw your Blackberry across the room shouting that it’s useless, know that there is, as always, a workaround to this.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10




In this guide I’ll show you how to download WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 in just a few minutes.






Head’s up!

You will be downloading a free software called Snap. Snap allows you to install Android apps onto your Blackberry 10 as though they have been downloaded from the Google Play Store. Snap is free, but the developer gives you the option to donate which helps its upkeep. 🙂


You’re also going to download a free software called Sachesi. Sachesi allows you to get Snap (the software you downloaded earlier to get apps) into your Blackberry 10. Think of it like this: Snap is your app, Sachesi is your bridge to getting that app to gets apps into your phone.


Both of the software is safe, and free. Just make sure you download it from this page.


This method has been tested on both Blackberry Passport and the Blackberry Classic and has got WhatsApp working smoothly on my part.





If you feel unsure of doing this then don’t do it. But if you do it’s important that you back up first.


Sweet. Let’s get this over with. 





How to Download WhatsApp on Blackberry 10:  15 Steps 



Step 1:  Go ahead and plug in your Blackberry into your PC or your Mac. 




Step 2:  Now open up your Google Chrome (you can’t use any other browser). 




Step 3:  Next, what you need to do is hop into this page to download Snap. Just click on the Get Snap button. 


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





You will be brought to a checkout page, but just remember it is Free. (Snap will not ask you to pay, unless if you want to make a donation). Just enter your name and billing address here. 





Step 4:  Once you’ve added your name and your billing details, you’ll be brought to a page where you can download Snap. Just tap on Download Now.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Step 5:  You’re doing a great job! Now once the download is complete, just drag it from your Downloads folder onto your home page of your Desktop.




Step 6:  Next, it’s time to download Sachesi so that we can get Snap into our Blackberry. All you have to do is just hop into this page and download Sachesi.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





If you’re on Windows PC then download the latest release Sachesi file (its the topmost one on the page) which ends with Windows.7z

If you’re on Mac then download the latest release Sachesi file (its the topmost one on the page) which ends with OSX.zip






Step 7:  Once the download has finished, click it and open Sachesi. Sachesi should look like this:


download whatsapp on blackberry 10
I am on a Mac. It should look the same if you’re using Windows too.





Step 8:  You’re almost done! Now make sure that your Sachesi is open on the Install tab, then just simply drag and drop the Snap .bar file into the list.  You’ll see a progress circle as the file loads onto Sachesi which means it’s transferring Snap onto your phone. Leave it until it’s at 100%.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Make sure to be careful and not do anything else with the Sachesi app. Don’t change anything, tweak settings or immediately exit the program. Let it reach 100%. Don’t panic, and relax (you’re almost there!). 🙂





Step 9:  It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: You’re going to install WhatsApp on your phone. So first go ahead and unplug your Blackberry from your PC or Mac and you will see that Snap is installed as an app on your home screen. 


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Step 10:  Just tap on Snap (or Snap Free), agree to the permissions by tapping OK, and then sign into your Google account. (if you don’t have one, then you can create one here).





Step 11:  Once you’re done with all that tap on Search in the bottom right hand corner and search for WhatsApp.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Step 12:  Tap on Download. 


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Step 13:  Tap on Open Installer.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Step 14:  You’ll be shown the page below. Just tap on Install on the top right hand corner.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Step 15:  From there, you’ll be asked you need to Allow App Installation in your phone’s settings so just tap on a Settings and then turn on Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed by switching on the slider next to it.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10




download whatsapp on blackberry 10





Step 16:  Finally! Just tap back in your bottom left hand corner to go back, and then tap Install again. Your WhatsApp will download.


download whatsapp on blackberry 10



That’s it!





Share this guide with anyone who got a new Blackberry 10 and help them install WhatsApp on their phone. You may never when it could be useful or (maybe it could even save their life). 🙂



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