How to Fix Error E-8200002E on PS4

Do you see an E-8200002E error code on your PS4 when purchasing on the PS Store?

The Playstation Store is an online digital media store on Playstation consoles, allowing users to purchase digital versions of games and applications. Unlike physical stores, all the games for Playstation consoles are available upfront on the Playstation Store. 

The PS Store can also be your best option for securing hard-to-find games. 

Now, if you are here, you probably experience a hard time purchasing games from the Playstation Store due to a weird E-8200002E error code. 

Based on what we’ve found out, this error code occurs on your PS4 if the credit card or payment option on your account is not valid. Usually, this is due to offline PSN servers, or your local bank is experiencing technical issues or performing system maintenance. 

In this guide, we will show you all the possible solutions for fixing the E-8200002E error code on your PS4. 

Let’s dive right in!

1. Check Playstation Network Servers. 

Since the Playstation Store is a service under PSN, the first thing you should check when you encounter the E-8200002E error code on your PS4 isPSN’s servers’ status. You can do this by visiting Playstation’s dedicated status page

PSN Status

If PSN is currently down, the best thing you can do is wait until Playstation Network’s servers go online. 

On the other hand, you can do the remaining solutions below if there are no reported problems with PSN’s servers. 

2. Restart Your PS4. 

If you cannot purchase games from the PS Store, we suggest restarting your console before trying advanced methods. This way, you can ensure that your PS4’s resources are correctly loaded and there are no errors on your system. 

Check out the step-by-step guide below to restart your PS4: 

  1. First, access the Quick Menu by holding down the PS button on your controller. 
  2. Next, navigate to the Power tab. 
  3. Lastly, select the Restart PS4 option and wait for your console to reboot. 
E-8200002E error code on PS4

After restarting your PS4, go back to the Playstation Store and check if the E-8200002E error code still occurs. 

3. Re-Login Your PSN Account. 

Your user data may have gotten corrupted due to random bugs that occur on the platform. If this happens, you could experience various problems and error codes when accessing features connected to your PSN account. 

To fix this, follow the steps below to reset your user data: 

  1. On your PS4, access the Settings page and navigate to Account Management
E-8200002E error code on PS4
  1. After that, highlight the Sign Out button. 
  2. Finally, press the O or X button on your DualShock controller to stop your session. 
Sign Out PS4

After a few minutes, log back into your PSN account and check if the E-8200002E error code would still occur on your PS4 when purchasing games from the Playstation Store. 

Proceed to the following method below if you still can’t purchase games from the PS Store.

4. Check Your Payment Method. 

Your local bank could be experiencing technical issues at the moment, which explains why your payment won’t push through. To confirm this, we recommend contacting your bank and asking if there are ongoing maintenance or issues with their system. 

On the other hand, you can also check if you’ve entered the correct card details on your Playstation Network account. Before purchasing any game, confirm if your card number, CVV, and card expiry date are valid. 

5. Re-Add Your Payment Method. 

A bug or error may have occurred on your PSN account when you added your payment method, which causes the E-8200002E error code on your PS4. To rule this out, try removing your current payment method and add it back afterward. 

Here’s how you can do this process: 

  1. Using any web browser, go to PSN’s Sign In page and access your account. 
  2. After that, go to Account Settings and click on Payment Method
  3. Now, remove your existing payment method. 
Add Payment Method
  1. Finally, refresh the page and click the Add Payment Method button to re-add your card. 

After doing the steps above, go back to your PS4 and try purchasing a game from the Playstation Store. 

6. Use Another Card. 

If you have another credit card from a different bank, you can also try using it to pay for your games on the Playstation Store. This way, you can check if the problem is with PSN or your local bank. 

Simply follow the steps above to add another payment method and see if you can successfully purchase a game from the PS Store. 

If other cards are working, it means that the problem is with your bank. 

7. Update Your PS4. 

You can also try updating your PS4 to ensure that it uses the latest software available and there are no issues with its operating system. 

See the steps below to update your PS4: 

  1. First, navigate to the Settings using the D-Pad on your DualShock controller. 
  2. After that, go to System Software Update
E-8200002E error code on PS4
  1. Lastly, select Update Now and click the Accept button if there’s an available update to install it. 

Once done, go back to the Playstation Store and check if the E-8200002E error code would still occur on your PS4 when purchasing applications and games. 

8. Report the Problem to Playstation. 

If you still can’t purchase any games from the Playstation Store, we recommend that you report the matter to their team. 

Visit Playstation’s official website and contact their customer support to ask for assistance. Provide your PSN account details, the game you are trying to purchase, and your bank’s name to speed up the troubleshooting process. 

E-8200002E error code on PS4

This will also help their team come up with the best possible solution for your problem.

If you have issues renewing your PS Plus subscription, please visit our dedicated guide to help you out. 

This ends our guide for fixing the E-8200002E error code on the PS4. For your questions and other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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