How to Easily Turn Off AirPlay on iPhone

Wondering how to easily turn off AirPlay on iPhone?

AirPlay can be a handy feature if you own multiple Apple devices. It makes sharing the screen easier so you can view and stream content across different displays. The type of content may vary, from audio and photos to videos and more.

But there are certainly those that do not find AirPlay to be a useful feature. Whether you belong to that group or want to stop screen sharing once you’re done giving the presentation, you must know how to disable AirPlay on your iPhone.

For most users, finding the option to turn off AirPlay can be quite a task, but don’t fret! You probably made your way in here to find the solution. Fortunately, the following guide will walk you through the different methods through which you can easily turn off AirPlay on iPhone. 

So without any delay, let’s get right to it!

1. Easily Turn Off AirPlay on iPhone From Control Center.

If you want to disable AirPlay or stop screen mirroring on another device, the most straightforward way is to do it through the iOS Control Center. 

While you can add or remove tools like calculators, flashlights, etc., for quick access, some common settings, including AirPlay, brightness, Wi-Fi, etc., are a permanent part of the Control Center. Hence, you will always find a way to turn off AirPlay through this feature. However, accessing the Control Center may vary depending on your iPhone model.

Here’s how to go about this method in iPhone X and later models:

  1. Start by launching the Control Center by swiping down from the upper corner of your iPhone screen.
  2. Next, find the Screen Mirroring icon and tap on it.
screen mirroring in control center
  1. On the next screen, you will be able to view the device which is connected to Airplay. To disable Screen Mirroring, simply select Stop Mirroring. This will stop the media from being played on the device connected to Airplay. 
stop mirroring option

If you’re using an iPhone SE and previous models, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open the Control Center.
  2. After launching the Control Center, look for the Screen Mirroring icon and then tap on it. 
  3. Next, make sure the checkmark appears next to the device which you connected with AirPlay. Now, tap on Stop Mirroring to disable AirPlay.

Once done, the media will stop playing. 

2. Using Control Center’s Media Player.

The Control Center on iPhones has a separate section for media players. This will show you the currently playing audio or video on your device. Hence, if you’re casting such media to another AirPlay-compatible device, you can turn the feature off from the Control Center media player.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Begin by launching the Control Center from your Apple device. Swipe down from the top if you’re using iPhone X or later models. However, if you’re using an older model, swipe up from the bottom to open it. 
  2. In the Control Center, look for the currently playing media in the media player. If the Media Player is connected to AirPlay, an Airplay icon in blue will appear at the top-right corner. 
icon on media player
  1. To stop streaming media into the AirPlay-compatible device, select the Airplay icon
  2. The device connected to AirPlay will display under the Speakers & TVs
Easily Turn Off AirPlay on iPhone
  1. Simply tap on iPhone to stop the media from streaming on your connected device. 
Easily Turn Off AirPlay on iPhone

If you don’t prefer this method, there are a few more discussed below. So, continue reading!

3. From the Apple TV App.

If you’re streaming videos, movies, tv shows, etc., on Apple TV, you won’t need to go anywhere else to disable AirPlay. The AirPlay icon can be seen on the Apple TV app, through which you can quickly turn it off.

Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. If you’re streaming media on an AirPlay device by connecting it to the Apple TV app, the AirPlay icon will be highlighted in blue within the playback controls present on the screen. To turn it off, simply select the AirPlay icon from the lower-left corner of your screen.
airplay icon on apple tv app
  1. Now, from the overflow menu, tap on iPhone. This will instantly stop whatever is being played on the AirPlay-compatible device. 
iphone on airplay

4. From the Apple Music App.

The Music app on iPhone is not only used for streaming, downloading, and playing your favorite music, but it also has several other useful features for you. Like when you’re listening to Apple Music on another iOS device via AirPlay, and you want to turn the feature off later on, you can easily do it from the Music app itself.

This will automatically turn the audio off along with AirPlay. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Firstly, open the Apple Music app from the home screen of your device. 
  2. Head to the playback screen and locate the AirPlay icon present at the bottom. Now, tap on it. 
airplay on apple music app
  1. The overflow screen will display the device connected to AirPlay under the Speakers & TVs section. If you wish to turn off AirPlay, tap on iPhone shown above the Speakers & TVs section. 
Easily Turn Off AirPlay on iPhone

5. From the iPhone’s Lock Screen.

The lock screen on iPhones displays all notifications and current tasks to provide users with convenience. If you have an audio or video playing in the background, its media player will appear on your lock screen. From there, you can use the options to change your music preference and also turn off Airplay on your iPhone.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. From the lock screen of your iPhone, locate and select the AirPlay icon located inside the media player box. 
airplay icon on media player in lock screen
  1. Now, tap on iPhone to stop the media from playing on the device connected to your AirPlay. However, the media will continue to play on your iPhone. 
Easily Turn Off AirPlay on iPhone

This concludes our guide on how to easily turn off AirPlay on iPhone. Follow any of the methods mentioned in this guide to do so. In case of any confusion or queries, feel free to utilize the comments section below. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. 

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