When you are up from 11pm to 5am in the morning binging on your Apple TV, there will be a point where just looking at such a bright screen literally burns the living cells out of your eyeballs.


The pain. It’s… it’s… indescribable. 


enable dark mode on apple tv




But here’s the funny thing which you didn’t know all this while.


What if I told you there is actually a Dark Mode on your Apple TV?


Better yet, in fact, your Apple TV can even adjust between Light and Dark automatically by itself based on the daylight outside just like how your iPhone would. 


Should have done it earlier huh? 


Well it’s alright, I’ll show you how to do that and enable Dark Mode on Apple TV (whether it be manually, or making it automatic). 🙂






How to Enable Dark Mode on Apple TV: 5 Steps 



Step 1:  Go ahead and jump into your Settings app.


enable dark mode on apple tv





Step 2:  Next select General.


enable dark mode on apple tv





Step 3:  Then click on Appearance.


enable dark mode on apple tv





Step 4:  Great! Now you can choose whether you want it to be Light or Dark theme. You can even set it to Automatic which adjusts to Light or Dark depending upon the daylight around you.


enable dark mode on apple tv




Now if you have selected either Light or Dark then that’s it! 🙂



Though if you have selected Automatic then..


Step 5:  Sweet. Now you will see a pop up message saying that in order for it to work it will need to enable your Location Services and Automatic Time Zone. So all you have to do is just select Turn on Both.


enable dark mode on apple tv




You’re done! 🙂





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