How to Turn Dark Mode on Gmail on iPhone or iPad

enable dark mode on Gmail on iPhone

Have you been itching to get dark mode on your Gmail app on iPhone or iPad?

Then here it is. 🥳 At last, after weeks of rumors and leaks, Google has released the dark theme update with the update version 6.0.191006 onwards.

In this guide, we are going to help and show you how to turn dark mode on Gmail on your iPhone or iPad.

Let’s dive right in.


How to Enable Dark Mode on Gmail on iPhone or iPad: 3 Steps


  1. Go ahead open up your Gmail app on your iPhone (or iPad) and then tap on the menu icon located on the top-left hand corner of your screen. (the little hamburger-like icon)

Settings Menu


  1. Next, once your side menu is opened, scroll all the way down and tap on Settings.

enable dark mode on Gmail on iPhone


  1. Lastly, simply tap on Theme then choose either Dark theme or set it as System Default — which if your iPhone or iPad is already in dark mode (from iOS 13 onwards) then it will follow suit to your device’s theme.

enable dark mode on Gmail on iPhone



Voila! 🍾

enable dark mode on Gmail on iPhone


The System Default option is one of our favorites since the Gmail app turns to the light theme automatically during day and dark theme during the night, simply by following the schedule you set in your iPhone’s (or iPad) Settings > Display & Brightness > Options.




Help, I don’t see the Theme setting inside my Gmail’s Settings app!

If you are unable to find the Theme option inside your Gmail’s Settings on your iPhone or iPad, then you need to make sure that you have done three things:

  1. Update your Gmail app to version 6.0.191006. Simply go into your App Store > Your Profile Icon > Tap on Update next to Gmail.
  2. Restart your Gmail app by closing the app completely and then reopen the app again
  3. Update your iPhone and iPad to the latest iOS version. We managed to obtain this dark theme in our Gmail app with iOS 13.2 onwards. So make sure to go into your device’s Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install any pending iOS/iPadOS updates.


That’s pretty much it!

We hope that the information above has hopefully helped enable dark mode on the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.  


If this guide was helpful, please share it. 🙂


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