It’s not comforting to have a light theme on Twitch especially when you watch and game at night or like most of us our rooms are Darth Vader’s love hut.

In any case, enabling the dark mode, the interface is comforting and you can rest East that your retinas will not be burnt come morning.

In this guide, we will show you how you can enable the dark mode on Twitch as well a nifty little trick to get the interface completely dark (including your scroll bar as well as just about anything and everything you see on the interface).

Let’s get right to it.


How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitch: 3 Steps


  1. Go ahead jump into your on your search browser and then tap on your Profile icon (top-right hand corner)

Enable Dark Mode on Twitch



  1. Next, from the dropdown menu, enable the button that’s right next to Dark Theme.

Enable Dark Mode on Twitch



  1. Voila! Your Twitch Interface will turn into dark mode. If ever the dark theme does not get applied automatically, try refreshing the page and then check it once again.

Enable Dark Mode on Twitch



Once you enable Dark Theme it will remain enabled until unless if you sign out of your account, manually disable the setting yourself or clear you search browser’s cache and settings.


That’s pretty much it!


If You Want to Take the Darkness Up a Notch, Then Do This.

Feeling that the dark mode that’s provided by Twitch is not enough for your soulless void of evil, the best way then would be download and install Dark Reader Google Chrome extension or if you’re using Mozilla Firefox Dark Reader Firefox extension.

Dark Reader Google Chrome


This extension will turn everything dark including your scroll bar, the buttons on Twitch and certain little aspects of the interface.


Enable Dark Mode on Twitch


Try it and see if you are fond of it. We hope that the information above has helped enable the dark mode on Twitch.  

Feel free to go through the tips and advice from the many helpful comments posted by others below. 


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