How to Enable Intelligent Scan on Galaxy S9

Enable Intelligent Scan on Galaxy S9

Funny enough, even though Samsung did copy Apple’s Animoji and just made it outright horrifying, they didn’t copy the technology behind it entirely. 

Samsung instead took the approach and decided to improve what they already had which is pretty much what you would precisely describe to your friend if they had asked what’s new about the Galaxy S9.

The new improved facial recognition technology called Intelligent Scan by Samsung is pretty much similar to the one that was on the Galaxy S8 but instead it comes with a few little ingenious perks.




What is so “Intelligent” about Intelligent Scan?

Intelligent Scan is a way you can use your face and your eyes to unlock your phone instead of the usual way of entering a passcode or having your fingerprint scanned. 

What makes it so interesting is that the technology that powers Intelligent Scan which uses an iris scanner, your front-facing camera together with tons of machine learning is all contained within such a small real estate on the top part of your phone (near your front camera) and is able to authenticate your entire face and your irises by the time you’ve lifted your finger and have it scanned. 


Enable Intelligent Scan on Galaxy S9



The way it works is, it first will use your front-facing camera to create a 2D map of your face. If this map matches the one that you’ve first registered on your phone it will unlock your phone. If there is an error, it moves on to Phase 2 which is scanning your irises using the iris scanner to authenticate you.

Now what if in the rare chance Phase 2 fails as well? Then your phone quiet intelligently will use both sensors to authenticate you. The machine learning part will do its job and analyse the sensors, learning about the lighting conditions of your environment and come to terms the best method to authenticate you. Hence, which is why it’s called machine learning because the machine learns by itself and is able to use what it had learnt to able to authenticate you quicker the next time you’re in a such similar environment.



Pros of Intelligent Scan

There are two benefits that Intelligent Scan can provide you:

  A quick and simple way for you to authenticate and unlock your phone all by just looking at your phone.

  The versatility of switching between face recognition and iris scanning (or both together) to make authentication faster and convenient.

Now as you might have noticed, I didn’t state security and it’s because …



Intelligent Security? Not so much.

Samsung haven’t solved the same problems that the Galaxy S8 had with it’s iris scanning and as a result the Galaxy S9 is sill plagued of the same problems. 

In a well lit area, you can use a picture of yourself and unlock your device and as well as in a poorly lit area you can use a closeup of a person’s eyes and a contact lens to fool the iris scanner.




How to Enable Intelligent Scan on Galaxy S9: 5 Steps


Step 1:  The very first thing you should do is register your face and your irises with your Galaxy S9. (Hmm…”register your face and irises”, never thought I would be writing that in a sentence..). To do this, jump into your Settings app, and then tap on Lock Screen and security. 


Step 2:  Now choose the option Face recognition. You will be guided through the process of registering your face. 



Just make sure you’re in a well-lit area and you’re not wearing your swimming goggles or anything that just obstructs your face.



Step 3:  Once you’re registered your face, jump back into your Lock screen and security and this time tap on Iris scanner. Again just like how you did with your face, you will be guided through the process of registering your irises.



Step 4:  Yeah, that’s all the body parts that needed to be scanned. You can now go ahead and enable Intelligent Scan by heading back over to your Lock screen and security and tapping on Intelligent Scan.



Step 5:  Finally, you’ll now see quiet a few options which will allows you to control how your Intelligent Scan works. You can choose to enable Samsung Pass if you want to use Intelligent Scan to log into your online accounts. You can choose to turn on Intelligent Scan unlocks which will turn on Intelligent Scan for unlocking your phone. Lastly, you have Screen-on Intelligent Scan which will use Intelligent Scan to quickly unlock your phone as soon as you turn on your screen. 

Play around with it and choose the options that your want Intelligent Scan turned on for.


That’s it!



Share this guide with anyone and help them if they’re looking on how to enable Intelligent Scan on their new Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. 🙂



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