You sleep 24 years of your life away …


Yeah that’s right..


Let that sink in.


enable night shift mode in ios 11



So it better be important that both you and I, we really take care of ourselves and make the most of all our 24-year sleep.


This means you can try going to bed at the same time each and every day, or having your dinner earlier or going on a healthier diet..


Honestly there’s literally tons of heavily research-backed ways that you can find online and I am not the right person to get into that..


But one thing that I can get into is helping curb your smartphone usage at night.


You see Apple really cares for your sleep..


Which is why in your Clock app that there’s a freaking sleep analysis chart that records your sleep each and every day.


enable night shift mode in ios 11
yes, i am a shitty sleeper.





Oh but that’s not all..


There’s even a Night Shift mode that you can actually turn on which helps you achieve your sleep much easier without having to be kept awake all night.


In this guide, I’ll show you how to enable Night Shift mode in iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad. 


But before that here’s how Night Shift really works it’s magic..



You can skip straight to the steps if you’re as impatient as me






How does Night Shift help?


When you enable Night Shift, what it does is it makes your screen colors warmer, which in turn causes less strain on your eyes in the dark.


You can dive deeper into the first principles of physics behind this trick with these well researched articles:







Alright let’s dive in to how you can enable Night Shift in iOS 11 on your iPhone or your iPad. 🙂






How to Enable Night Shift Mode in iOS 11: 3 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead and open your trusty Control Centre by swiping up on your home screen.



Step 2:  Next, all you have to do is just 3D Touch on your vertical display brightness slider. 




If you don’t have 3D Touch then all you have to do is just long press on that same display brightness slider instead. 🙂




Step 3:  Done? Alright. Once you’ve gotten to open your slider to full screen, all you have to do is just tap on Night Shift.



enable night shift mode in ios 11









Share this guide with your family and friends and let them get a great sleep for once. 🙂