“Do you hear that? What’s that song that’s playing in the background?”


Now the first 💡 that comes to your mind is to use your trusty Shazam app on your phone. (who wouldn’t? it’s been your trusty BFF who knows literally every song there is).


So you reach for your phone but wait a minute …


What’s this?


Your phone automatically picked up the song that’s now playing without you having to do anything.


Now that’s pretty amazing.


Of course, this only works on your new Google Pixel 2, and the somewhat weird part is nearly all of the Pixel 2s that came out didn’t have this feature turned on as default.


Which is why, I’ll show you how you can enable Now Playing on your Pixel 2 or your Pixel 2 XL. 🙂





How to Enable ‘Now Playing’ on Pixel 2 or Pixel 2:  4 Steps



Step 1:  Go ahead open your Settings from your app drawer and then scroll down a little until you see Sound. Tap on Sound.


enable Now Playing on pixel 2





Step 2:  Next scroll down a little until you see Advanced. Tap on Advanced.


enable Now Playing on pixel 2





Step 3:  Now do you see Now Playing? (you might have to scroll down) Great! Tap on Now Playing.


enable Now Playing on pixel 2





Step 4:  Finally, now all you have to do is just turn on the switch next to Show on lock screen. (this will turn on your Now Playing feature).


enable Now Playing on pixel 2





If you want to get notifications of the songs that are playing, you can tap on Also show Notifications and then enable Recognized music notifications.


This is a life saver when you kinda accidentally unlocked your phone before you even saw what song it was on your lock screen. 🙂






enable Now Playing on pixel 2






Photo by James Bareham / The Verge



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