How to Fix Error 6000 on Twitch

Starting to get annoyed with the error code 6000 while streaming on Twitch?

Twitch is one of the best platforms to consume and broadcast live videos. This Amazon-owned streaming service has over 2.1 million concurrent viewers and more than 140 million active monthly users. 

Given its status, you might think that Twitch is free from bugs and downtimes. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. 

Recently, many users have been experiencing playback issues on Twitch. Based on the reports, users are greeted by an error code 6000 instead of playing the live stream. 

Usually, this error is caused by unoptimized or unsupported browsers. However, it can also be due to slow network connections, offline servers, corrupted browsing data, or improper device configurations. 

If you’re experiencing this issue, we’ve got you covered. 

Today, we have decided to make a guide on how to fix the error code 6000 on Twitch when streaming videos. 

Let’s begin!

1. Check Twitch Servers. 

Being an online platform, Twitch heavily relies on its servers to deliver content. If the servers are down, expect issues to occur while streaming. You can visit Twitch’s status page to check the current situation of the servers. 

Twitch Status

If there’s an ongoing issue on the platform, the best thing you can do is wait. Unfortunately, server-related problems can’t be addressed on your end. 

On the other hand, you can proceed to the following solutions below if there’s nothing wrong with Twitch’s servers. 

2. Restart Your Device.

A temporary bug or glitch may have occurred on your device, which causes playback issues on Twitch. To fix this, try restarting your system to reload its resources and eliminate temporary errors.

Check out the steps below to restart your PC: 

  1. First, press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start Menu
  2. After that, access the Power Options tab. 
  3. Lastly, choose Restart
Restart Windows

Once done, go back to Twitch to check if the problem is solved. 

3. Try A Different Browser. 

One of the most common causes of the error code 6000 on Twitch is an unsupported or unoptimized browser. If you use Twitch’s website to stream, we recommend trying a different web browser. 

Ideally, you’d want to use popular and well-optimized browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox to stream videos on Twitch. 

4. Check Your Network. 

A slow internet connection could also trigger the error code 6000 on Twitch. Since streaming videos require a lot of bandwidth, you’ll need a stable network to enjoy content on the platform without issues. 

To check if your network is the problem, run a test using to measure its current upload and download bandwidth. 

Speed Test

If the test confirms that your connection is the culprit, restart your router or modem to re-establish the link with your ISP’s servers. Unplug your router from the outlet and wait for 5 to 10 seconds before reconnecting it. 

Restart Router

Once done, re-run the test to check if the problem is solved. If you continue to experience network-related issues, contact your provider and ask them to fix the issue. 

5. Update Your Drivers. 

Corrupted or outdated drivers could also cause the error code 6000 on Twitch. If your graphics card is not working correctly, your browser could run into issues when playing or streaming videos.

To fix this, see the guide below to update your video drivers:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows + X keys to open the Quick Menu
  2. After that, click on Device Manager and expand the Display Adapters tab. 
  3. Finally, right-click on your video card and choose Update Driver
error 6000 on Twitch

Restart your computer after the update and check if the problem is solved. 

6. Clear Your Browsing Data. 

Browsers use temporary data generated from your activity to load websites faster. This should improve your browser’s performance and enhance your overall experience. However, these data could accumulate over time and become corrupted. 

If you can’t stream videos on Twitch, try clearing your browsing data. Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. First, open your web browser and access the Settings
  2. After that, go to Privacy and Security
  3. Now, click on Clear Browsing Data and change the Time Range to All Time
  4. Lastly, ensure that caches and cookies are included in the process and hit the Clear Data button. 
error 6000 on Twitch

Once done, re-login to your Twitch account and check if the problem is solved. 

7. Update Your Computer. 

If you still encounter the error code 6000 on Twitch, try updating your computer. This should patch any underlying issues on your system that causes playback issues on Twitch and other websites. 

Here’s how you can update your Windows PC: 

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows + I keys to access Windows Settings
  2. Next, go to Update & Security and click on Windows Update
  3. Finally, choose Check for Updates and follow the prompts to continue. 
error 6000 on Twitch

Go back to Twitch afterward and check if the error code 6000 is solved.

8. Contact Twitch. 

At this point, we recommend letting the professionals handle the situation. 

Go to Twitch’s Support page and contact their team to report the error code 6000 when playing live streams on the platform. Provide a link to the stream you’re watching, your account information, and other necessary details to make it easier for Twitch’s team to address the matter. 

error 6000 on Twitch

That ends our guide for fixing the error code 6000 on Twitch. If you have questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂 


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