How to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange

AirPods not connecting

Looking for easy and effective ways to fix AirPods flashing orange? 

The LED light in your AirPods case can tell you a lot of things. A solid green light means you have a fully charged case. If it’s a solid orange light, then it’s time to charge it up. A flashing white light means your AirPods are ready to be paired with a device.

A blinking orange, on the other hand, brings bad news. It could mean your AirPods aren’t pairing with your device properly. The firmware might need to be updated. It could also mean you have a fake pair of AirPods. But don’t fret. We’re here to help you.

Today, we’ve listed several potential fixes. As long as you have real AirPods, these solutions can help restore the performance of your earbuds. Here’s how to fix AirPods flashing orange.

Let’s dive in! 

1. Reset AirPods and Pair Them Again with Your Device.

The first solution is to refresh the connection between your AirPods and iPhone. This fix involves disconnecting your AirPods and making your device “forget” them. Then, pair your earbuds with your device again to establish a better connection this time.

This solution is a two-step process. But we’ll guide you through it all. 

Here’s how to disconnect and reset your AirPods:

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth. Then select the AirPods in the device list. 
  3. Tap the info button next to your AirPods.
fix airpods flashing orange
  1. Next, select Forget This Device.
  2. Place your AirPods back in the charging case.
  3. Close the lid. 
  4. After a few seconds, re-open the lid.
  5. Look for the setup button on the back of the charging case. Press and hold this button until the LED light flashes orange. Continue holding this button until the light turns into a flashing white. This signals your AirPods can now be paired.
fix airpods flashing orange

Here’s how to re-pair your AirPods to your iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone, go to the Home screen.
  2. Make sure the AirPods case is open and the LED light is flashing white. Then, hold your iPhone close to the AirPods case.
  3. Wait for the animation of AirPods to show up on your iPhone screen.
  4. Select the Connect button at the bottom of your phone screen.
pair airpods with iphone
  1. When the process has been completed, tap Done.
  2. Use your AirPods. Put them back in the case after a while to see if the flashing amber is gone. 

Have you made any custom settings for your AirPods before? Keep in mind that you have to set them again after this fix. 

2. Recharge Your AirPods After Disconnecting.

Resetting AirPods and pairing them again with a device has worked for many users. But if this isn’t the case with you, try adding a step between resetting and re-pairing. 

All you have to do is go back to the first method. Do the steps of resetting your AirPods until Step 6: Close the lid. After that, leave the AirPods in the case for about 20 minutes. That’s instead of opening the lid right away to set up the re-connection.

fix airpods flashing orange

After recharging the AirPods, open the lid of the case. Then, proceed to setting up the AirPods for pairing and connecting these to your iPhone. This time, your AirPods should work fine. Otherwise, try our other methods to fix AirPods flashing orange. 

3. Restart Your iPhone to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange.

If the two solutions above didn’t work, you might have to restart your iPhone. It can remove any garbage memory or random bugs that have probably impacted the connection between your phone and AirPods. 

Here’s how to restart your iPhone:

  1. Hold the Power button. Wait until the power slider shows up on the screen.
  2. Slide the power slider to the right to shut down your phone.
restart iphone
  1. Wait a few seconds before switching your iPhone on again.

After restarting your device, go back to the first method in this article. Restart the process of disconnecting and re-pairing your AirPods to your iPhone.

4. Update Your AirPods’ Firmware.

Is connection not the problem? Then, the reason behind blinking orange in your AirPods’ charging case could be your AirPods firmware. You need to update it. 

Unfortunately, a new firmware is only automatically installed over the air while your AirPods are connected to an iOS device. This time, though, you have to force update it. To date, there are no clear guidelines on how to force update the AirPods’ firmware. But some users found a workaround. We’ll share it with you.

fix airpods flashing orange

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Set one AirPod aside and put the other AirPod into the case. Close the lid. Then, re-connect the AirPod in the case by following Method 1 in this article.
  2. Once connected, take the paired AirPod from the case. Use it to listen to some music for about five or ten minutes. Then, put this paired AirPod away. 
  3. Grabe the other AirPod and put it back into the case. Then, repeat the previous steps. Make sure to re-connect the unpaired AirPod to your iPhone. 
  4. Now, put both AirPods back into the charging case with the lid open.
  5. Connect the case to a power source for an hour or so, with your iPhone sitting next to it.
  6. Then, close your charging case and leave it recharging for another hour or so.
  7. After that, launch Settings on your phone. 
  8. Select Bluetooth. Then, remove the two AirPods you separately connected to your device by doing the steps above.
  9. Next, open the charging case. Pair your AirPods as you normally would. 

At this point, the flashing orange in your charging case should be gone. It should have turned into a flashing white to allow you to pair your AirPods with your iPhone again. 

5. Get in Touch with Apple Support.

None of the solutions above worked? It’s time to reach out to Apple Support to fix AirPods flashing orange. There could be hardware issues that Apple can only address. 

contact apple support

It’s easy to get in touch with Apple Support. You can do it over the phone, through email, or via mail. You can also go to any Apple Store. Just don’t forget to make a Genius Bar appointment online for your convenience.

This wraps up this guide. Hopefully, your AirPods are working fine now. If you have more iPhone or AirPod-related tech issues, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Leave a comment below. Our team will do our best to offer troubleshooting tips to help.


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