How to Fix “Device Not Certified by Google” Error

I don’t like this purge.
Fix Device Not Certified by Google error

You see this “Device Not Certified by Google” error on your Android phone (or tablet) and you’re thinking what the heck is wrong with Google to call your device to be a fraud.


Fix Device Not Certified by Google error


And you’re not alone. Millions of devices have been “uncertified” which has gone on to prevent users from downloading or updating their Google apps.


So you may be wondering, why is Google doing this or why are they being so mean?


Google is doing this because they want to keep a consistent user experience across all the Android devices and weed out all those manufacturers who try to get a little ambitious on their own.


Kinda like a massive purge, you and your device, unfortunately, are one of the “lucky” ones to be a part of it. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get yourself out of this stupid thing and fix the “Device Not Certified by Google” error on your Android phone or tablet. 



How to Fix Device Not Certified by Google Error: 4 Ways 


1.  See if Your Device is Uncertified. 

The very first thing you should do is to make sure whether your device has been blacklisted by Google so that you don’t waste any time. 


The reason why you have to do this is because if the device you purchased was banned by Google then you’ll get a warning saying “Device not Certified by Google” which will prevent you from even signing into your Google account. Of course, when you first get your phone you can setup it up but eventually you won’t be able to access your Google Play Store due to your device’s uncertified status.


Tough. Yes. But that’s how Google fights against the evil machines.


Here’s how you can find out if whether your Android phone or tablet is certified by Google.

Step 1:  Go ahead open your Play Store app on your Android device and from there tap on the side menu (the hamburger-like icon) that’s in the top left hand corner.


Fix Device Not Certified by Google error



Step 2:  Good. Now scroll a little down the list and tap on Settings. 


Fix Device Not Certified by Google error



Step 3:  Finally, scroll a little down until your see Device certification. Underneath it you’ll see whether your Android device is certified or not.


Fix Device Not Certified by Google error



If you see it is says Certified, then you just can leave this page and go Netflix with some popcorn. 


However, if you see it says Uncertified, then here’s what you do. Keep reading. 



2.  It’s Time to Register Your Device with Google. 

So you find your device is uncertified. Well, try not to panic. 🙂 because you can fix this.


Now this method might not work with all affected devices (but it’s highly likely it will) and the reason why I’ve said that is because this method was originally meant for pre-approved and certified devices that were designed to run on certain custom ROMS like Lineage or Resurrection Remix. (you don’t have to know all that) 


Great. Here’s how you can register your device with Google.

Step 1:  In your Play Store there is an app called Device ID but since you can’t access your Google account to download from Play Store you need to sideload the .apk file for the app into your device (sideloading is a way to manually download the file into your device without going through your Play Store).


How do I sideload or whatever that is called?

Here’s how you sideload an app onto your Android phone or tablet.

Step 1:  Jump into your Settings then tap Security. 

Step 2:  Now scroll down a little and you’ll see Unknown sources. Sweet! Just tap on the slider right next to it to turn it on. Then press OK when you’re prompted with the message.

Step 3:  All you have to do now is just go ahead download the file for the app (above). It’s the .apk one. 

Step 4:  Now look for the place where the downloaded file is. You found it? Great! If you haven’t, use your file explorer to search for it.

Step 5:  Finally, just tap on the saved .apk file to launch it and then tap Install. 

Boom! Done.



Step 2:  You’re doing great! Now once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to use it to get your device’s Google Services Framework ID (or more commonly calledGSF ID). You need this ID in order for you to submit your device to Google so that they can certify it that your device is good. So go ahead open the new app called Device ID  that you just installed and then look for Google Service Framework (GSF). 


Fix Device Not Certified by Google error



Step 3:  Found it? Good. Copy the long-ass number that’s found underneath it and paste it into this page (Google’s device registration page). Paste the code in the blank field along the bottom then hit the green Register button. 


Fix Device Not Certified by Google error



Step 4:  Finally, immediately after you’ve tapped Register, your registered ID should appear on the page. Save this for future reference. You might never know when you’ll need it. 

That’s it! You can try logging into your Google account again or using the Play Store to download an app.  It will still appear as Uncertified, but doing this method will whitelist your device and bring back most of the functionality.



3.  You can always choose to use the Yalp Store instead.

If worst comes to worst and you find that the above method failed to grant you the access to Google’s services then you can always choose to download the apps from the Yalp Store (it’s free).



Now know that, this workaround won’t let you use Google apps that depend on Google Play Services or an account login, but you will still be able to download apps from the Play Store. Which is still great. 


Here’s how you can download the Yalp Store on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 1:  Go ahead and download the Yalp Store below (I have attached the .apk file for you to download). 


Step 2:  As you download the file, you’ll come to realize that the file is an .apk file just like the one you did above. So how do you install the app? Well, all you have to do is just follow the exact steps on how to sideload an .apk file onto your Android device (that I have shown above).

That’s pretty much it! Once you have the Yalp Store installed, using it is shit simple. It has all the apps you know and love from Google Play, since it’s actually really deep down just downloading the apps from the Play Store for you. 


Fix Device Not Certified by Google error



If you want to learn more about the Yalp Store then you can do that if you wish to. 

Learn more about the Yalp Store. 



4. The Magisk Method. 

There is one final option and it’s the most difficult of the three.


But as hard as it may look to be, it actually gives you the best chance of getting back your Google apps and services. Simply put, you’ll have to root (kinda like jailbreak) your Android device with Magisk, which is a tool that doesn’t trip up Google’s SafetyNet system.


Pretty cool huh?


Now I am currently finishing up a new guide on how you can root your Android device with Magisk and it’ll be done sometime end of this week. If you need to follow through then here’s a great guide by GadgetHacks that you can follow on how to root using Magisk in the mean time.


Once you’ve successfully rooted  your Android device and installed Magisk, you can do the following steps:

Step 1:  Go ahead open up your Magisk Manager app and head into the Downloads section (it’s in your side menu).

Step 2:  Finally all you have to do is just search for “Play Store Visa” and install the top most result. 

That’s pretty much it. It’s pretty simple once you have Magisk on your Android. 


But you may be wondering what the heck does his Play Store Visa do?


Well it is something called a module (kinda like an app) and what it does is it will trick the Play Store into thinking your Android device is certified. Once you have that dealt with, you can download apps and do whatever you want though it may not fix any of the Google app login issues. 



Share this guide with anyone, your friends or your family and help them check to see if whether the new Android device that they’re buying is certified by Google before they purchase something that they’ll eventually regret. 🙂



  1. I can acess to the Play Store but I cant use Google or Samsung Pay. “Could’t finish setup to pay in stores. This phone can’t be used to Pay in sotres. This may be because it is rootet or altered in some other way.”

  2. I can access Play Store and download app too. but I cant install Google pay on the mobile and other bank app not opening . showing message my phone is rooted.
    an in google play setting device is not certified showing

    1. I did all the steps on my samsung tv but couldn’t input Device ID number. How can I edit the page? Please help. Thank you

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