How to Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch

Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch

Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch?

Sometimes it took days for the error to pop up and at times it just pops up every time I play something on my Switch.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, and just like you, I tried to look for a way to fix it.

This guide contains every possible solution to fixing this error code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch plus the ones that I personally tried. Personally deleting and redownloading the game worked wonders for me although that lasted not long as the error popped up again.

Each solution is elaborated and written step-by-step so that it’s drop-dead easy for you to follow. 

Let’s dive right in. 🙂

How to Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch: 7 Ways 

1.  Make Sure your Nintendo Switch is Kept Up-To-Date.

It’s important to keep your Switch updated because why not?  

There’s tons of great stuff with each Nintendo update and I would say if you were to compare the Switch with other devices, Nintendo actually does a good job in squashing bugs and patching up errors. (I am not affiliated with Nintendo if you’re asking, although that would be pretty sick. 👌)


Most of the time, your Nintendo Switch downloads the most recent Nintendo system update on its own while it is still connected online. So check and verify your current version first for your Nintendo Switch. I’ll show you how next.


Help! How do I check which version my Nintendo Switch is in?

From your Switch’s HOME menu, click on System Settings. Next, scroll down and select System from the left-hand side. Lastly, you can find the version of your Nintendo Switch written underneath System Update. 

You can check the latest updates available for download here, provided by Nintendo themselves. 

Here’s how you update your Nintendo Switch:

Step 1:  From your Switch’s HOME menu, click on System Settings. 

Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch

Step 2:  Next, scroll down and select System from the left-hand side. 

Step 3:  Finally, to update your Nintendo Switch, select System Update to start the system update process. It may take a while so hang in there! During the process what it will do is your Switch will perform a check to determine if there is any new system update available to download. If there is an update available, the download will begin.

Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch

Help! I can’t perform the system update. It’s not working.

If you find that there is a new version update released by Nintendo but it is not available for you to download, then simply restart your Nintendo Switch and then try again.

Once you’ve updated your Switch you can try once again to go about playing or trying some of the previous software to see if the error has been fixed.

2.  Check for Corrupt Data.

Checking for corrupted data is a way we can find out where the root of the problem lies. 

Here’s how you do check for corrupt data on Nintendo Switch: 

Step 1:  Jump into your Switch’s HOME menu and then select System Settings.

Check for Corrupt Data on Nintendo Switch

Step 2:  Next, scroll down the list of options on the left and look for the option Data Management. Select Data Management.

Step 3:  Now on the right-hand side select Manage Software and then select the most recently used software you used. Try checking the software that gave you the error in the first place to see if it is in any way corrupted.

Step 4:  Lastly, just select the Check for Corrupt Data to begin the examining process.

You can provide the information right to Nintendo’s Customer Service for them to help.

You can also try the other methods in this guide to hopefully fix it. 

3.  The Problem Could Most Likely Be with Your microSD Card.

If the error code 2002-4153 persists on your Nintendo Switch, then it is most likely that the issue could originate from your microSD card (if you’re using one otherwise it is something system-wide which would require assistance from Nintendo)

To clarify if whether your microSD card is the culprit, try formatting your microSD card. 


Please make sure that you back up everything (screenshots, pictures, any data etc.) on the microSD card before you format it. Here’s a great guide on how to back up information from your Nintendo Switch to your microSD card written by Nintendo: How to Back Up Save Data | Nintendo Support

Once you’ve formatted your microSD card, try the microSD once again with your Switch to see if the error is still present.

4.  Try using a different microSD card.

Another way to test out whether the error lies with your microSD card is to try another microSD card with your Nintendo Switch.

See if the error persists once again.

5.  ReDownload the Problematic Software.

If the error is still not solved, try powering off your Switch and then remove the microSD card. 

Proceed to use the Switch like how you normally would. 

If you encountered the error while using a game, then delete the problematic software and then re-download it directly to your Switch’s system memory. I’ll show you step-by-step on how to do this next.

Step 1:  Jump into your HOME menu and then choose the game that you want to delete (the one that is showing the error code 2002-4153)

Step 2:  Next press the + icon on your right Joy-Con stick or icon on your left Joy-Con stick to calling up the game’s options menu.

Step 3:  Now select the option Manage Software from the left. 

Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch

Head’s up!

The next step involves deleting the game. This means it will be uninstalled and removed from your Home screen. This will not delete any game save data. You can pick up where you left off anytime by downloading the game back. 

Step 4:  Lastly, select Delete Software. You will be asked to confirm, again select Delete. 

Delete Software on Nintendo Switch

Step 5:  To re-download the game back, simply jump into your eShop from the HOME screen, select the profile which you originally purchased the game.

Step 6:  Finally, just select ReDownload from the menu on the left. You need to select the download cloud icon for the game you had deleted.

How to Fix Error Code 2002-4153 on Nintendo Switch

Done! You will see the game appear in your Switch once again. 🙂

You can try once again to see if this has fixed the error code from popping up. 

6.  Get in Touch With Nintendo.

 You’ve tried everything above and nothing worked. 

As a matter of fact, trying these methods allowed us to understand where the problem lies. 

We now know our microSD works fine and it is not the cause of the error since we tried every possible way to see if it was corrupted or broken in any way. 

We also know that the games and the software are not the problems either. 

So the problem has to be that either there’s a worldwide SD card slot failure (which is unlikely) or it could be a bug in the system software.

The best way to proceed with this now is to contact Nintendo’s support and talk to them of the problem you’re having. You can mention the steps you took to try to solve the issue so that they can better understand where the problem lies.

Best of luck to you and keep gaming! 👊

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    1. No me funciona con ninguno de los métodos aquí expuestos aun sigue apareciendo ese error incluso sin la micro sd

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