So PUBG is not working eh? Well, light up one and join in. 

If you’ve just got this error:

fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg


Then you’re not alone. After searching through 100s of forums and websites for solutions, this guide contains some of the ones that have found to be the most effective.

In this guide I’ll try and help you fix the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error on your PUBG and hopefully get the game back up and running again as quickly as possible.

Let’s jump right in.



How to Fix “Servers are too busy, please try again later” Error on PUBG: 7 Ways


1.  Try Reconnecting. Else Try This.

If you’ve haven’t pressed on the big Reconnect button when you get the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error on your screen then be sure to do that to see if the servers have been fixed.

If you’ve already tried reconnecting but you still find that the error pops up then try disconnecting your internet and then reconnecting it back. Once you’re done reconnecting your internet, try to hit the Reconnect button once again to see if the servers pick up.



2.  Wednesdays are usually “Update Day”.

Which means there will be an incoming update for your PUBG which could prove important to fix certain issues that you may have overlooked. Be sure to look into your Steam client for any incoming updates. Once you’ve installed the new update, be sure to restart Steam to get the latest version of the game, as stated by PUBG themselves.

Also even if today isn’t an “Update Day”, do note that at times there could be a random minor update that is prepared every now and then to fix critical bug so that could be the reason for it too.



Looking to stay on top of all this? Well, the best place to stay updated or to check if there is an incoming update is by going to their official support Twitter account and checking for any new announcements.

If there is ongoing maintenance then hang in there, however if there isn’t any maintenance then that could mean there’s an error or a bug from your side. Keep reading to find out what else you can try to fix this error.



3.  Resetting your modem.

Resetting your modem by turning it off and then turning it back on by pressing on the Power button can work to rectify if the error is caused by a poor connection.

You can also try to find if there is a tiny reset hole at the back of the modem which can be used to reset the modem in a much more effective way. Again this has been said to have worked to overcome the error for both users on the Steam forums and on the PUBG forums.



4.  Turning Off Proxy Settings. (Windows 10)

If you’re PC runs on Windows 10 then try to turn off the proxy settings. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1:  Go ahead open up your Windows Search tool which is the magnifying glass icon that is to your bottom left hand corner on your PC. Type in “Proxy”.


Step 2: Next, you should see the search bring up the Change proxy settings option (if it doesn’t, just search for the option). Click on Change proxy settings.


fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg



Step 3:  Good. Now on this page you should be able to see both Automatic proxy setup and Manual proxy setup options. Just turn off both the Automatically detect settings setting under Automatic proxy setup and the Use a proxy server setting under Manual proxy setup.


fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg


Done. Restart your PUBG and try once again to reconnect back to the servers to see if it has fixed the issue with the servers.



5.  Go through this list.

There can be a number of reasons why the servers can be affected but usually the vast number of those reasons is affected by a few certain types of programs that are installed on your PC.

So be sure to go through this list and turn it off:

1. Anti-virus Software.

You may have installed some form of anti-virus or spyware detection software and although it does good in stopping malware from affecting your PC, it can also block the Steam client from receiving updates or prevent Steam content servers from connecting with your PC. A few notable examples of anti-virus software that aggressively does this is Norton, AVG , Avast based on the number of users it has affected.



If you’re worried about turning off your anti-virus software, Windows Defender is a great anti-virus software that is pre-installed on your Windows 10 PC and it is one that does not aggressively interfere with Steam. You do not need any more than one anti-virus as that slows down your PC.


2. VPNs

Have a VPN installed on your PC such as NordVPN, TunnelBear, ExpressVPN?

Well, although it’s useful at times to connect to foreign servers or mask your computer’s address for :ahem: “important stuff” it does more harm than good if you’re trying to use it for Steam as it prevents the Steam client from connecting with the main network.

Which also means, if a game like PUBG which requires strong network capability, it can interfere with the connection. So be sure to turn off any VPN you may have installed when trying to play PUBG to prevent any server-side errors.


3. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Clients and File Sharing Software.

If you do not know what the heck a P2P application is, well simply put, it is basically your Skype or any other voice chat application that you may have installed. P2P programs can consume an abnormally large portion of your bandwidth and other system resources when not properly configured.

This prevents the connections that Steam depends on which consecutively PUBG depends on too. File Sharing software like a BitTorrent client (the software you use to download torrents with) can also affect Steam’s connections. Be sure to shut down the program before starting up your Steam.



6.  Turn Off the Firewall.

As we are trying to find the root problem for why we can’t connect to the PUBG servers, the firewall is one key program that could indeed be the reason that is blocking the game from connecting to the main servers.

Now, this is not to say that the firewall is useless in any sense because it has its own benefits. What I’m trying to say is if it is actually the reason why the game cannot connect to the servers then that is a good reason to turn it off. Besides, you can turn it back on once you’ve finished playing if you’re anxious as it only takes less than 10 minutes to switch it on or off.

Here’s how you turn off your Firewall:

If you’re on Windows 10

Step 1:  Open up your Control Panel and then select System and Security.


fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg


Step 2:  Next, choose Windows Defender Firewall.


fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg


Step 3:  Now on the left hand sidebar of the Windows Firewall screen, you should be able to see a Turn Windows Defender Firewall on our off option. Click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on our off option.


fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg


Step 4:  Lastly, just check the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall under both Private network settings and Public network settings. Then hit OK.


fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg



If you’re on a Mac

Step 1:  Jump into your System Preferences and then click on Security & Privacy.

Step 2:  Next, click on the Firewall tab.

Step 3:  Good. Now click on the lock icon in the bottom left corner of the window and enter your administrator password.


fix servers are too busy please try again later error on pubg


Step 4:  Lastly, just click Turn Off Firewall.


That’s it! You can try to connect to the PUBG servers once again to see if the game has been fixed.


Share this guide with anyone who’s stuck on this same error. It saves time and you can go into play quicker. 🙂


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