How to Fix “Sign In to Complete Purchase” Message Issue on watchOS 6

Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6

Have you recently updated your Apple Watch to watchOS 6 but only to be annoyed by a message saying “Sign in to Complelately Purchase”? 

Lately, a significant number of users including our very own readers as well as users over at Apple’s Support Communities have experienced this after their update to Apple watchOS 6. 

It can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the problem happens on the software level. In this situation, the common viewpoint of users is that it can only be fixed by Apple themselves. But sometimes, if the bug fixes are not available at the moment, there is a way to work around the issue at the user level.

On the brighter side, we have written this comprehensive guide with the aim of fixing this annoying “Sign in to Complete Purchase” message issue on your Apple Watch. We will also explain the possible causes and reasons why this issue appeared in the first place which will help to prevent this from happening again. 🙂

Let’s get right to it.



How to Fix “Sign In to Complete Purchase” Message Issue on watchOS 6: 5 Ways


1. Update the Paired iPhone to the Latest Version

You might have updated your Apple Watch through your iPhone. But what if you forgot to update your iOS to the latest version? You could have been getting the out-dated update of your Apple Watch. Before you do your update, make sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version. According to Apple Support, here’s how you do it:

  1. Be sure to have a backup of your iPhone using iCloud or your computer before updating it.
  2. Plug-in your iPhone into power and connect to a stable internet source with Wi-Fi.
  3. Go to Settings, then General, and then tap Software Update.

Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6


  1. Tap Download to begin the downloading of the iOS update. Once the download is done, simply hit Install to proceed with the installation.


Once you have finished the update on your iPhone to the latest iOS version, you can now update your Apple Watch through your iPhone. According to Apple Support, here’s a great video by Apple themselves regarding it.


If you would rather follow the steps, then here it is:

  1. Make sure that your Apple Watch is at least 50 percent charged. Plug-in your iPhone into power and connect to a stable internet source with Wi-Fi. Connect your Apple Watch on its charger as well.
  2. Keep your iPhone next to your Apple Watch, so that they’re in range.
  3. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, then tap the My Watch tab.
  4. Go to General, then tap Software Update.
  5. Download the update and provide the iPhone passcode or Apple Watch passcode if applicable. 
  6. A progress wheel will appear on your Apple Watch. The update process will take several minutes up to an hour to complete. 

Once completed, your Apple Watch will have the updated version of the Operating System. Updates are usually made up of features and bug fixes. 


You can also update your Apple Watch without your iPhone. Here’s how you can update your Apple Watch directly via Internet:

  1. Firstly, connect your Apple Watch to the Internet using Wi-Fi. Then go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Next, tap General and then Software Update.

Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6


  1. If there is a software update available, tap Install. After that, follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. Be sure to connect the Apple Watch on its charger until the update process is complete. Don’t restart your iPhone or Apple Watch and most definitely don’t quit the Apple Watch app all whilst the updating process is happening. When the update is completed, your Apple Watch will restart on its own and then you can proceed to use it.

Now that you have the latest version of your devices, you have made sure the current bug fixes are applied. But if there are newly discovered bugs, you will have to wait for the next update. In the meantime, if you are still experiencing the issue, proceed to the next method.



2. Sign Into the Right Apple ID

There is a possibility that your device is using an old Apple ID. If you can still remember your password, then you can sign into the appropriate Apple ID account. 

If you have forgotten the password for the Apple ID, then here are three simple, effective ways on how you can recover it:


Using the Security Questions

  1. Jump into the Apple ID account page and then click on the Forgot Apple ID or password? link.


Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6


  1. Next, enter your Apple ID. If you have forgotten your Apple ID, then learn what you can do to proceed.

Forgot password page Apple ID


  1. Choose the Reset your password option, then choose Continue.
  2. Next, choose the Answer security questions option. 
  3. Answer the security questions that you had set up and follow the rest of the procedure to reset your password.
  4. Lastly, after obtaining your password, use your new credentials for the Apple ID to sign-in on your Apple Watch. 


Using your Email

  1. Go to your Apple ID account page and click “Forgot Apple ID or password?
  2. Enter your Apple ID. If you forgot your Apple ID, learn what to do.
  3. Choose the Reset your password option, then choose Continue.
  4. Choose the Get an email option. 

Password Reset Apple ID


  1. Check your email associated with your Apple ID and follow the procedure on how to reset your password.
  2. After obtaining your password, use it to sign-in on your Apple Watch.


Using the Apple Support App

  1. Download and install the Apple Support app from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can also the Apple device of your friend or family member. 

Apple Support app


  1. Launch the app and tap on the Get Support option at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Find and tap Apple ID.
  3. Find and choose Forgot Apple ID Password, and then choose to Get Started.
  4. Choose A different Apple ID option.
  5. Enter the Apple ID which you want to reset the password.
  6. Choose Next and follow the remaining steps until you receive a password changed confirmation.


There are also other ways to recover your Apple ID password as we have shown it previously but the above three ways should work reliably for now. Most of the time, old accounts were not set up using two-factor authentication. If you have, then most probably you are still using the account and you wouldn’t have this problem at all.

But if you want to update your settings into your new Apple ID account, that would be much better. To do that, you can proceed to the next method.



3. Update the Old Apps to Associated with the Current Account.

Since you are using the new Apple ID, this issue is caused by applications that are associated with your old Apple ID. It cannot update due to the fact that your Apple ID account credentials are conflicting.

In order to fix this, you need to delete the apps that are still using the old Apple ID credentials. Doing so will break the link with the old Apple ID and have the apps be linked to the new Apple ID instead — simply by installing the apps using the new Apple ID.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open up your Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the My Watch menu.
  2. Next, tap General and toggle Automatic App Install to disable it.
  3. Go back to the My Watch view and then scroll down and tap the Available Apps option.

Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6


  1. Now, you will need to take note of all the apps on the list and go back to your iPhone. One handy tip will be to take a screenshot of the apps list so that you do not forget.
  2. You’re halfway there. Proceed ahead to delete all of the apps from your iPhone in reference to your list.
  3. Once you’re done deleting all the apps. Jump back into your App Store and download the apps again but only this time with your current Apple ID. 
  4. After that, go back to your Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go back to My Watch > General > Automatic App Install to enable it again.
  5. Finally, as suggested by Apple, simply force restart your Apple Watch by holding down the Watch Dial and the Side button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release the button after you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6


Now that you have updated the account associated with your apps, the Apple ID conflict will have been removed. 



4. Unpair the Apple Watch with iPhone, and Pair Them Again.

There are times that paired devices have connection issues. For instance, if you update the settings of your Wi-Fi router, your old Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone will not work.

Therefore, you need to forget the Wi-Fi network so that you can set up with updated settings. It is also similar to pairing devices. You have to clear out the old settings and replace it with the new one.

Here’s how to unpair your Apple devices:

  1. On your Apple Watch, Go to Settings, then General.
  2. Find and tap Reset option and then tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, choose the My Watch tab.
  4. Choose and tap your watch at the top of the screen. Tap the (i) icon next to the watch that you want to unpair.
  5. Tap Unpair Apple Watch and tap again to confirm the process. Learn here on what to do if you can’t find the (i) icon info icon.


Now that your devices are unpaired, you are now ready for the pairing process. Here’s how to pair them again:

  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together until you see the message Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch, then tap Continue. If you don’t see the message, go to your Apple Watch app, then tap Start Pairing. Keep both devices close together during the process.
  2. Hold your iPhone over the animation on your Apple Watch and wait for the message that the watch is paired. If you can’t use the camera, tap the Pair Apple Watch Manually and follow the instructions. Learn more if you don’t see the (i) icon.

Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6


  1. Tap the Backup option to restore your device. For first time users, tap Set Up Apple Watch. Read the Terms and Conditions and choose to Agree, then tap on Agree option again to continue.
  2. Provide your current Apple ID if applicable. If not, you can sign in later in the Apple Watch app found in General > Apple ID > Sign in.
  3. Choose your preferred settings of your Apple Watch that is shared with your iPhone.
  4. You can opt to create a passcode or skip by tapping Don’t Add Passcode option.
  5. Choose the features and apps you want to set up in your Apple Watch such as SOS and Activity. The Cellular feature is only available on Apple Watch Cellular models.
  6. Wait for your devices to sync and keep it close together until you hear a chime and feel a gentle vibration from your Apple Watch. To finalize the process, tap on your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. You should find a green iPhone icon appear on your Apple Watch (as shown below)
Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6
When your Apple Watch successfully pairs with your iPhone, you should see the green icon.



Help! My iPhone and Apple Watch are not pairing.

One of the most common mistakes that are done by users is forgetting to turn off Airplane mode and also making sure to turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can check this in your Control Center by swiping from up on your iPhone’s screen to bring it up.

Another requirement to really ensure that your Apple Watch and iPhone connect quickly is to keep both your Apple Watch and iPhone close together. The above few assurances can most definitely help ensure that both the devices are paired.


Finally, now that you have updated the pairing setting of your Apple devices, you will be able to use your Apple Watch without the “Sign In to Complete Purchase” message prompting you once again.



5. Reach Out to Apple.

Setting up devices and configurations might be quite confusing for some users. If you are having trouble keeping up with the procedures, you can go to the nearest Apple store. There, you can have Apple-certified technicians to fix the configuration issue of your Apple Watch. But before you leave the store, make sure to get hold of the Apple Store’s number. You can call them back if the issue happens again in the future.

However, if you cannot go to the Apple Store, you can always call for Apple Technical Support. But of course, not all countries are covered. You can check for your support options in your country. You can provide them the initial methods that you have tried in an attempt to fix the issue yourself.


Fix Sign In to Complete Purchase Message On watchOS 6


If ever you do not have any options for support, you can try and make an appointment or request service online. You can actually send them your Apple Watch through a courier so they can fix it for you. You can check for the status of the repair at any time.

This wraps up our guide on how to fix the “Sign in to Complete Purchase” message issue after updating to Apple Watch OS 6.0. We hope that we helped you remove that annoying message from your Apple Watch. If you have other questions related to this article, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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