How to Fix Spotify Error 412

Looking for solutions to help you fix Spotify error 412?

It can be an incredibly annoying experience to be greeted by an error when logging into anything. Furthermore, the experience can feel worse when it’s Spotify. What happened to having music with you wherever you go?

The Spotify error 412 is generally linked to a login problem with your credentials. This can be a miscommunication with the server or having your email or username temporarily unavailable. Additionally, Spotify’s servers themselves could also be the problem here.

In this article, we’ll be going through a couple of methods you can use to fix your problem. We’ll also provide you with the necessary links to help you determine if Spotify’s servers are experiencing a problem.

Let’s get started!


1. Check Spotify’s Servers.

Before we begin fiddling and messing around with your settings, let’s make sure we complete an important initial step. It can be an incredibly huge lifesaver to know if Spotify’s servers are experiencing difficulties before you invest the time and effort to try and fix things on your end.

You can check for the availability of Spotify’s servers through multiple sources. Their official Twitter page is a great one to start with. @SpotifyStatus is Spotify’s dedicated server-status Twitter page.

Now, the problem with official pages like this is that they don’t often report every server issue. Companies like Spotify would much rather preserve the company’s reputation than be entirely transparent.

Here’s where Downdetector comes in. Downdetector is a community-based report system, where users file a report whenever they’re having problems with Spotify’s servers. These reports are then numerically displayed at every hour on their website.

This way, you’ll receive timely feedback on Spotify’s servers by seeing if users have reported multiple problems with the service.


2. Log In With Your Username/Email.

For those of you who are using an exclusive Spotify account, try logging in with either your email or your username. Use whichever option you normally do not use.

Switching up your credentials can give Spotify servers a second chance to verify and validate your login. Additionally, if the server is having trouble with your email getting stuck to server lag, then adding in another login request with your username should increase your chances of logging in.


3. Use A Facebook Device Password.

Now for Spotify users that login with their Facebook, how will you log in with a username or an email? Well, luckily, you can do that too! Facebook offers application passwords that act just like a regular account.

By using your Facebook email as the sign-in email, you will be given a randomly generated password that you can then use to login into your Spotify account. You’ll be able to log in just like a normal Spotify account, with an email and a password.

Here’s how you can get a Facebook device password:

  1. First, open up Facebook on your device. This can be through the browser or with the Facebook app if you’re on a mobile phone.
  2. Now, proceed through this step, depending on your device.
  • For mobile device: On the Facebook app, click on the triple line icon at the top-right corner of your screen and scroll all the way down. Tap on Settings & Privacy and then tap on Settings.
  • For computers: On the Facebook website, click on the upside-down triangle icon at the top-right corner of your screen. Move and click on Settings & Privacy and then click on Settings.
  1. Next, look for and click on Security & Login to proceed.
  2. Under Two-Factor Authentication, look for and select App Passwords.

fix spotify error 412

  1. Then, select Generate app passwords. You’ll be asked for your Facebook password. Fill this in with the necessary credentials to proceed.
  2. Lastly, you’ll be asked to Specify under which program this password will be used for. Go ahead and type in ‘Spotify

Facebook should generate a random password for you that you can use to log in later. Open up the Spotify website or application and login with your Facebook email as the email, and the generated password as the password. This should log you into your account and back to your music.


4. Use Your Friend’s Spotify Account.

One of the weirder but effective solutions on this list, logging in with your friend’s Spotify account. Though that might feel like it shouldn’t make any difference, it did work for this one user in Spotify’s support board.

We assume that by logging into your friend’s account, you’ll be able to flush out any currently processing requests that are hindering your own account. Unfortunately, we can’t think of any other way to reset this process, other than this solution.

fix spotify error 412

By logging in with your friend’s account, any requests made by your account should be overridden and flushed out of the servers. Since the request is made to your device, your friend’s account will fully log in and clear your own account’s request to log in.

Once you’ve successfully logged in your friend’s account, you should be able to just log out. Once that’s done, log back into your account to see if it works.


5. Contact Customer Support. 

Now, this might be the last thing you’d want to see on a thread that offers solutions. However, sometimes some problems can only be fixed by Spotify’s customer support team. For issues like logging in, there’s only so much you can do without having access to your account’s server data.

We know that Spotify’s customer support can be a hit and miss, but for cases like this, surrendering to the proper help should be the only way left. Other than that, we can only recommend a few other methods.

fix spotify error 412

Try installing Spotify through the Microsoft store. Though it might seem like a trivial issue, this can sometimes be the difference between getting Spotify to work or not. Alternatively, if you’ve already done that, try installing Spotify through their official webpage as well.

Lastly, we can recommend that you try to give Spotify exclusive access through your firewall. In doing so, Spotify should no longer be restricted by your firewall if that is what’s causing this problem. To supplement this, disable any third-party antivirus programs as well.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hopefully have helped you fix your ‘Spotify error 412’ issue. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a message in the comments down below.

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