How to Fix Spotify Error Code 3

Having a hard time trying to fix Spotify error code 3?

Opening up your computer and logging into your Spotify account to be greeted by an error code 3 is not the best way to start your morning. The Spotify error code 3 is a login error that’s usually caused by location and network errors.

These errors can be traced back to simple things like an incoherent location and whether or not you use a VPN. In this article, we’ll be guiding you through multiple solutions and fixes to relieve yourself from this problem and get you back to your music.

Luckily, this error should be easy to fix with the steps behind each solution, simple and convenient. Here’s how you can fix Spotify error code 3.

Let’s get started.


1. Login With Your Username.

We’ll begin with the simplest but most popular fix, logging in with your username instead of your email. Most of the time, users would preferably login using their email address as the necessary credential.

Fortunately, an easy fix you can try is interchanging your email address with your Spotify username. This simple change has worked for a lot of users, which is why we’ve arranged it as the first method to try.

If you don’t know what your Spotify username is, you can look for it here on your account settings. Accessing this through the web app shouldn’t give you any problems, unlike the desktop program.

Once you’ve copied your username, log in to your Spotify account on the desktop app and paste that username into the Username text field. Fill in your password and try to connect to your account. That should log you in!


2. Get A Facebook Password.

For you Facebook-connected-Spotify account holders, this might be a big problem since you normally don’t log in with an email and a password. Worry not, there’s a solution for you too!

A lot of users are unfamiliar with this concept, but Facebook can automatically generate an account password for any application connected to your Facebook account. With this, you’ll be able to log in through the email and password system, instead of the usual Login with Facebook button.

Here’s how you can get a Facebook password:

  1. First, open up Facebook on either your computer or phone, then go to your Facebook Settings. The interface will be different for mobile and desktop but look for the Security and Login setting.
  2. Once you’re there, in the Two-Factor Authentication section, locate and click on App Passwords.

  1. Now, this may or may not appear on your device but click on Generate app passwords. After doing that, you’ll be asked for your Facebook password. Enter this in to complete the step.
  2. Finally, you’ll be asked for the app that this password is to be used for, type in ‘Spotify’. You should receive a password from Facebook after that step.

From there, go ahead and open up the Spotify app again and log into your account. For your username, use your Facebook email address, and then for your password, use the password that you received from the steps above. You should now be able to log back into your account!


3. Disable Any VPNs.

Being safe is a privilege that not a lot of people get to experience. With the increasing popularity and necessity of the digital world, keeping your digital profile safe on the internet has also become a rising concern.

VPNs are a great way to keep yourself secure by masking your personal IP address with a third-party VPN server. However, these servers are usually hosted either in another country or have a domain that redirects your location there.

fix spotify error code 3

At the same time, Spotify isn’t yet available for all countries across the globe. Conflicting locations can cause a problem when logging into your account, especially since Spotify also cross-references your GPS location with your account settings location.

Unfortunately, since VPNs are developed by unique and different companies, each VPN will be configured differently. Due to that, we won’t be able to provide you with a general list of steps to disable your VPN. Instead, try searching for the steps to disable your specific VPN through Google.


4. Reset Your Password.

If you’ve exhausted all the methods above, you can try this trump card to resolve the problem. Resetting your password might seem like a hassle, which is why we purposely listed it as the last step.

Unfortunately, since this problem is directly related to your login credentials, this may be the only way to resolve the problem. You can easily reset your password by going to the login page of the Spotify app and click on ‘Forgot Password?’. You’ll be redirected to a link that’ll either ask for your email or ask for a verification code that was sent to your email.

fix spotify error code 3

Open up your email and copy-paste the verification code from there into the link you were redirected to. Follow the prompts, and you should be able to reset your password with a new one. When you’re done with that, simply log back into your account with your new password.

Voila! That should fix the problem. Resetting your password will log you out of every device that you’ve logged your Spotify account into. In doing so, this will terminate the connection between your account and your current device, which makes it the perfect time to log in.

That about sums up this entire article! We hope to have helped you fix Spotify error code 3. If you have any questions or clarification, you can leave a comment down below.

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