How to Fix Spotify Login Error 404

Having problems with trying to fix Spotify login error 404?

Of all the problems you could be getting into, logging in to your account had to be the one. Spotify’s login error 404 is a long-time problem that’s usually a result of many things. Generally, it’s more common with Facebook-linked accounts.

The login issue is most likely due to a number of circumstances, one being that you’re GPS location has been changed. In this method, we’ll be going over multiple methods to try and alleviate your problem.

Hopefully, this will solve and help you fix Spotify login error 404 on your device.

Let’s get started!


1. Check Spotify’s Servers.

Before we start fiddling with your settings, let’s try and check Spotify’s servers if they’re down. Doing this process before anything else will save you a lot of time. Spotify’s servers can be down due to maintenance or other software problems.

Due to this, network and connectivity errors with the application will inevitably happen. You can check through Spotify’s social media accounts for regular updates regarding their server. Here’s their Twitter status page so you can monitor if any server issues are currently happening.

However, these official accounts will prioritize their reputation over transparency. Spotify may simply sweep certain server problems under the rug without the pressure of multiple social media complaints by its users.

In light of this, we recommend checking out Downdetector’s page for Spotify. Downdetector is a user-based website that collects reports made by its users for certain programs. These reports are then numerically displayed by the hour.

By checking their Spotify page, you’ll be able to see if other users are also reporting Spotify server problems. This step is much more efficient and community-based, which mitigates a lot of waiting for official announcements that may never be released.


2. Log in With your Email or Username.

Here’s another quick fix before proceeding to the more complicated steps. If you’re logging in with a Spotify-created account, which means it isn’t linked to Facebook or Google, then try interchanging your email with your username.

Switching this up might seem trivial, but it’s fortunately worked for some users. Just log in with either your email or username, whichever is the option that you haven’t yet tried.


3. Contact Customer Support.

Now, this might be a downer to read, but sometimes customer support is the only solution for certain problems. For issues that are heavily based on Spotify’s servers, contacting an employee who has direct access to your account might be the only way of solving this issue.

Reconnect Your Facebook and Spotify Account

Connecting through your Facebook account is a pretty convenient method to have when first signing up. However, if an issue between both your accounts has a problem, you’ll have no way to directly configure the complication.

activate dark mode on facebook messenger

When the connectivity between your accounts is compromised, a direct support agent is your only chance of fixing that problem. You can contact their customer support through here.

Fix Your Location Settings.

This method only applies to free users. Your location settings can prohibit you from logging into your Spotify account if your account settings and GPS location are different. Premium accounts have their account locations automatically switch depending on their GPS location.

However, if you’re a free user and you just flew to a different country, you will have to manually switch your location. But since you can’t log into your account, you’ll have to contact Spotify’s customer support to fix this one for you.


4. Open or Install The Spotify App Through Their Website.

Though this is a strange fix, opening the Spotify app through their official website has worked for some users. At the same time, reinstalling the app on either their phone or desktop through Spotify’s official website also seems to work.

fix spotify login error 404

Before we proceed, you’ll have to log in to your account on the Spotify website. If you’re on your phone, try opening the Spotify app through this link. This should redirect you to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Open the program from there and try to log in.

Now if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to reinstall Spotify and download it again through the link provided. We recommend this part of the step to all devices, computer or mobile.


5. Get A Facebook Device Password.

Spotify accounts made through Facebook may be encountering a login error due to being disabled by Facebook itself. For situations like this, Facebook will generate a random login password that should let you log in to Spotify.

This is usually due to a two-factor authentication problem between your Facebook and Spotify accounts. We’ll log in to Spotify through the conventional way, with your Facebook email as the username and the login password as your password.

Here’s how you can get a Facebook device password:

  1. Start by opening up Facebook on your device and go to your Facebook’s Settings. The interface will be different depending on your device, but navigate to the Security and Login setting.
  2. Under Two-Factor Authentication, look for and select App Passwords. This is where we’ll be getting the one-time login password.

fix spotify login error 404

  1. For computers, click on Generate app passwords. This should now bring you on the same interface with mobile devices. You’ll be asked for your Facebook password, so just enter this in to retrieve the app password.
  2. Type in ‘Spotify’ when you are asked for the app. Facebook will automatically generate a password for you.

Now try logging in through Spotify using your Facebook email as the email. For the password, paste the password generated from Facebook and use that to log in. This should let you into Spotify and back to your music.

For network connection problems, there are generally a lot of methods and solutions you can go through to help fix your problem. However, for login issues that deal directly with your account, customer support is still the best way to fix your problem. Try giving them a call or an email.

That wraps up this article! We hope to have helped you fix your Spotify login error 404. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

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