Sometimes your iPhone just goes nuts.


It’s not your fault. Your iPhone has issues.


And when that happens, you might be stuck from trying to help it by how unresponsive and glitchy your iPhone might get.


So what can you do when that happens?


You Force Restart it.


This guide will show you how to Force Restart on iPhone X. Because even if your iPhone X still has issues, you still got to make your $1000 worth it. 




How to Force Restart on iPhone X: 3 Steps 


Step 1:  All you have to do is just press and then quickly release your Volume Up (+) button.



Step 2:  Now do the same for your Volume Down () button (press and quickly release). 



Step 3:  Next, follow up by pressing your Power button (it’s on the right hand side) and then holding it until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

force restart iPhone X




That’s it!


Once you’ve force restarted your iPhone X, it should get things back to running smoothly.




Share this guide with anyone who doesn’t know how to force restart their iPhone X or if they are having an unresponsive or glitchy situation using their iPhone X. 🙂