That’s what makes Android great.


To be able to style and customize the smallest of things to satisfy your creative urges.


To be able to get the latest Android flagship features right on your phone.


It’s true.


Whether you want the new Google Pixel 2’s Now Playing feature to be on your Android phone. Consider it Done!


You don’t have to feel left out the next time when your mate gets a new Google Pixel 2.  Just get the features yourself and show it off. 


In this guide I’ll show you how you can get the Stock Android look of the Notification Shade for your Android phone. (and way more than a regular Google Pixel 2 ever could).





How to Get Android Oreo’s Notification Shade on Any Phone: 5 Steps 


Step 1:  Jump into your Google Play Store and search for an app called Material Notification Shade (you can tap on this link too). 


get android oreo notification shade any phone





You can not do this if you’re already on Android Oreo.  You must be running Android Lollipop or higher. 




Step 2:  Once you’re done installing the app, go ahead and open it. Great! Now turn on the toggle for ON at the very top of your screen. This enables the Oreo-style Notification Shade you wanted. 


get android oreo notification shade any phone





Step 3:  Now from there enable WriteDrawing and Notifications permissions so that it shows the shades for those too. Then tap Done.


get android oreo notification shade any phone





Step 4:  You’re almost done! Now do you see Themes? Great. Under Themes select Panel Theme. Then tap for Oreo. This makes sure that the Notification Shade that you’re getting is of Oreo’s one. (you can also try the Nougat one too)





get android oreo notification shade any phone





Step 5:  Time to try your new Notification Shade 😀 All you have to do is just pull down your Notification panel to see your new shade.


get android oreo notification shade any phone



That’s it!





Bonus tip


There’s loads of other options you can go for too and not just the stock Android Oreo look.


Just head back into the app, and into the settings and tap on Notification Theme. 


You can go for an all out Dark theme, Or mix and match between different colors by tapping on Coloured.


You can also add your own background image as your Notification Shade by tapping on Shade Background Color.


Try out and see which one suits you.


Have fun!




Share this guide with your family and friends and help them make the most out of their Android phones by getting the latest Android features. 🙂