How to Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher with Google Now

It is something that is often overlooked but has the greatest look.
Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher

It is something that is often overlooked.


With the silky smooth software and the refined, polished UI that Google’s Pixel lineup brings to the table, the Pixel Launcher is one of the many small things which makes the whole Stock Android experience so much so great.


Many users have asked and have tried to duplicate this home screen app, but it has failed to be exactly perfect.


Until developer AmirZ, who by the way deserves all the credit for making this an option for non-Pixel users like us. Amir recently released the latest version of his Pixel Launcher (which you do not need to root) and for you to install this on your Android device mostly all you need is just your phone to be running Lollipop or higher which means just about anyone can get the pure Google experience on their phone.


In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to get the Pixel 2 Launcher with Google Now and the new ‘At a Glance’ widget (without the need of a root) in just six simple steps. 🙂




What you’ll need

  It must be running Android Lollipop or higher.

  Not all of the features are available to all Android versions. For example App Shortcuts require 7.1 or higher, the Automatic light and Dark theme requires 7.0 or higher, and Notification badges will only work on 6.0 or higher. You can follow up with all the features and their appropriate versions with this developer’s release thread on Reddit. 

  You need to make sure that you have the latest version of Google app and Google Calendar installed for all the features to work properly (especially the ‘At a Glance’ widget and the Google Now integration) 



Have all that? Sweet. Let’s dive right in. 🙂





How to Get Pixel 2 Launcher with Google Now & New ‘At a Glance’ Widget (No Root Needed): 6 Steps



Step 1: The first thing you’ll need to do is jump into your phone’s main settings and then tap on Security (or Lock screen and Security if you’re on a Samsung device).


Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher
On Stock Android.




Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher
On Samsung devices.





Step 2:  Now look for the setting Unknown sources on this page. Found it? Great. All you have do is either tick the box or toggle the switch next to Unknown sources and then tap on OK on the little pop-up.


Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher




Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher




Why did I have to do this? 

Turning on Unknown sources makes it easier for you to download any APK file. Now I’m sure you already know what an APK file already is. If you don’t it’s basically the file that you’ll download on Android to download your apps (Twitter, Slack, Instagram etc.). So the next time you were to download an APK file, like the Pixel 2 Launcher you’re going to right now, all it takes is just one press on Install within seconds you can use your new app right away.





Step 3:  Great work. You pretty much did all the work already. So now just download the APK file below to get your Pixel 2 Launcher (you don’t need to root).





Step 4:  Once it’s done downloading, just open the downloaded APK file from your notifications dashboard or from any file browser (if you’re using) and then just press on Install.


Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher




Help! I am getting an error!

If you’re getting a “App not installed error” or some kind of messages saying that the file is corrupt:

Step 1:  Jump into your Settings and then Apps.

Step 2:  From here, tap on All and then uninstall any previous versions of Pixel Launcher which you might have installed previously.

Step 3:  Now try downloading the file again and it should be fixed.

Solved. Now let’s try out your new Google Pixel 2 Launcher on your phone.





Step 5:  So once the Pixel 2 Launcher has successfully installed, tap on your home button.




Step 6:  Lastly, you’ll be asked to choose a new home screen app, so tap on your new Pixel Launcher from your list and then choose Always. Once that’s done, Go ahead and restart your phone to make sure that the Google Now page is working.


Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher





That’s it.


Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher





Share this guide with anyone who might be interested getting the exact Pixel 2 Launcher (like the one on the Google Pixel 2) on their Android phone. You’ll definitely make their day. 🙂




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