If you are reading this then you most probably might be be a Windows user..


And being on Windows 10 (or any other Windows), you already have Windows Defender, which btw is a great anti-virus, installed on your computer.


So why do I even need Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus when I already have a great anti-virus like Windows Defender installed?



Ah. Here’s why..





Kaspersky is the 6 out of 6 rated Fort Knox.


According to the folks over at AV-Test.org, who are known for their rigorous and precise tests on cybersecurity products, they gave Kaspersky’s full package, which is called the Internet Security, perfect scores of 6.0/6.0 for protection, performance, and usability.


Microsoft’s Windows Defender didn’t fare quiet bad either, getting a 5.5/6.0 protection score which if you ask me is not that bad for an app you don’t even need to download. 


So, simply put, Kaspersky protects you better than Windows Defender.


But you also gotta take into take into account the reputability and the consistency of both of these products.


If you take a look at Kaspersky, you’ll see that they have been in this game for 20 years now (first released in 1997) and Windows Defender has been 10 years (first released in 2006).


There’s also the fact that Kaspersky hasn’t had any security flaws since that only one time way back in 2005 whilst Windows Defender has been often ridiculed to be slow at detecting ransomware and other sophisticated deadly viruses. 



So the question you want to ask yourself is, 


Do you really wanna take that chance and miss out on that extra +0.5 score, especially if a ransomware (judging how virus attacks are getting stronger each year) ever strikes?








Then I’ll show you how you can get Kaspersky for free and get started in just less than 5 minutes. 🙂





How to Get Kaspersky For Free: 5 Steps


Step 1:  Head over to Kaspersky’s site and tap on the big bright red START NOW button. 


Get Kaspersky For Free





Step 2:  You’ll be brought to a new page with all the features and the system requirements (it’s below the page) you’ll be needing for your download to be successful.  Take your time to go through this page before going on to the next step. 


Get Kaspersky For Free





Step 3:  Done? Sweet. Now Tap on the big bright red DOWNLOAD NOW button at the top of the page. 



Step 4:  You’ll be shown a Thank You page. Over here, again, tap on the big bright red DOWNLOAD NOW button. 


Get Kaspersky For Free




Step 5:  The download will start now and from here onwards you can just follow the onscreen instructions.


Get Kaspersky For Free



That’s it!





Share this guide with your family & friends so that they can protect their devices as well. 🙂
 Trust me, I did and I got a free cookie  🍪



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