How to Get Pixel Launcher from Android P on Any Phone

get pixel launcher from Android P

Google released their new Android P (the first version) just a few of days ago and the Android community has already hunted it down and ripped it part for it’s features. 


Thanks goes to developer Kieron Quinn who quickly ported the new updated Pixel Launcher that’s new on Android P, so that you can try it out on any other phone right now. 


In this guide I’ll show you how to install it and get it up and running for to you play with. 🙂



What you’ll need.

  Your Android phone running Marshmallow or higher.

  Have Unknown Sources enabled (which you can by jumping into your Settings  and under a Security.)

  Make sure that you don’t have any other previous versions of Pixel Launcher installed (even ports like Lawnchair).


Checked all the boxes? Great! Let’s get this over with.




How to Get Pixel Launcher from Android P on Any Phone (No Root): 5 Steps


Step 1:  Go ahead and jump into the link below from your Android device to download the Android P Pixel Launcher. From there, tap the Download complete Notification and then tap on Install. 


get pixel launcher from Android P



get pixel launcher from Android P




Help! I am getting a “App Not Installed” error.

If you’re getting a “App Not Installed” error (or anything similar), then it’s probably because you have an older version of the Pixel Launcher installed on your phone. All you have to do is just uninstalled the older version by jumping into your Settings and then Apps and then try again. It should work. 🙂




Step 2:  You’re doing great! Now once the app has finished installing, go ahead and press your home button. You’ll be asked to choose a launcher so you choose the Pixel Launcher from the list.


get pixel launcher from Android P





If you’re on a Samsung phone, then that’s about it! If you’re on another phone, you may have to tap on your home button one more time, and then select Pixel Launcher again and choose Always so that it stays as your default home screen. 




Step 3:  There’s one more thing we need to do and that is give our new Pixel Launcher the permissions it needs to work. Jump into your Settings app, and then tap on your Apps (or Applications). 


get pixel launcher from Android P




Step 4:  Next, scroll a little down and look for the Permissions option. 


get pixel launcher from Android P




Step 5:  Found it? Sweet. Finally, jump in there, and then just turn on the switches for Location, Phone and Storage.


get pixel launcher from Android P




That’s pretty much it, you can now go play around with your new Android P Pixel Launcher and see what’s new. 


get pixel launcher from Android P




Have fun! 




Share this guide with anyone, and help them if they’re looking into getting the new Android P Pixel Launcher for their Android phone. 🙂



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