How to Fix Group FaceTime Not Working

Are you having issues doing online group calls using Apple FaceTime?

Some of us are forced to work at home these days when we are experiencing a pandemic crisis caused by COVID 19. We have to stay in touch with our friends and colleagues from a distance.

Today, one of the popular apps that you can use with this feature is the Apple FaceTime. This application is designed for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac. But, at the same point, sometimes you may encounter issues during FaceTime group calls.

Don’t worry because we got that covered for you today. Our guide will help you fix your group FaceTime that is not working. We will be pointing out the factors of this issue from the basic causes to advanced conflicts. With each cause, we will show you how you can fix it.

Let’s get started!


  1. Remove Faulty User
  2. Check Application Compatability
  3. Check User Account Conflict
  4. Check Service Availability
  5. Restart Internet Connection
  6. Check Date & Time Settings
  7. Stick to Simple Usage
  8. Check Restrictions Settings
  9. Update Software to Latest Version
  10. Check Peripheral Functions
  11. Contact Apple Support


How to Fix Group FaceTime Not Working: 11 Ways


1. Remove Faulty User.

First, you need to check if your FaceTime works on one-on-one video calls. If it does not work, you need to proceed to the next method below. But if it works, there might be one or more user from your group that is causing the issue.

To fix it, try to start a video call with a single user from that group. Then, try to add one user at a time from that group and check who is causing the error. When you know who it is, have them proceed to the next method below. They need to fix the issue on their FaceTime so it won’t cause errors on group calls.


How to Fix Group FaceTime Not Working



2. Check Application Compatability.

FaceTime group conversations can support up to 32 people. But it does not support cross-platform chat applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Messenger, or Discord. You need each user to have a FaceTime app and accounts to be able to join the group chat. But you can’t install the FaceTime app on all smartphones or devices.

Here’s the complete list of Apple products that can support FaceTime group chats:

  • Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14.3 or later macOS versions.
  • iPhone 6S or later versions
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad 5th Generation or later versions
  • iPod Touch 7th Generate or later versions

Also, depending on your Mac model, the app can show up to 4 or 9 video tiles at the same time. It prioritizes the most active speakers, while other participants will show an exclamation point. If you use one of these devices and have the FaceTime app installed, joining or creating a group chat is not a problem.



3. Check User Account Conflict.

Some of you have many Apple devices and may be using the same FaceTime account on those devices. When using the app, you can only use it on one Apple device at a time. Using the application simultaneously on more than one device can cause group FaceTime not working issue. Make sure you sign-out your account on your other Apple devices.

If you are using a Mac, launch your FaceTime app and click on FaceTime option. Then click on Preferences, then Settings, and click on the Sign-out option. But if you want to sign back in, just go back to the same settings page.


mac facetime group call settings


On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, just go to the Settings of your device. Then tap on the FaceTime option and then tap on the Sign-out option. You need to go back to the same section on your device if you want to sign back in. Now that you have removed the account conflict on your devices, you should be able to use group chat with no issues.


facetime group call settings



4. Check Service Availability.

Sadly, not all countries can avail of this service. To check that you have the service in your area, check out the Apple FaceTime availability by country.


wireless carrier support and features for iphone


One of the members of your group chat may be located in a non-supported area. When that happens, you can use a VPN service to tunnel in countries that have FaceTime service. Speedify VPN service is one of the recommended providers for Apple products.


speedify app


But if you have Apple FaceTime service in your area, it might be because Apple is doing server maintenance. To make sure that the FaceTime service is up, check out the Apple Service Status page. If FaceTime service is down or having issues, you will need to wait for the service to resume.



5. Restart Internet Connection.

Being an active speaker on a video call, your group members should be able to see you on one of their video tiles. But if they still see your video with an exclamation mark, it means that you have a connection problem.


facetime group call exclamation mark


If you are using Cellular Data connection, make sure that you have a good signal. If you are using a Wi-Fi internet, check your internet connection using a bandwidth speed test. Before calling your provider, make sure you restart the connection first. The technical support representative will surely ask you to perform this process.

Here’s how you can do a proper restart process:

  1. Go ahead and turn off your internet modem and Wi-Fi router.
  2. Then, turn back on your internet modem first. Make sure that the internet LED light is on the green.
  3. Next, turn back on your Wi-Fi router. Make sure the Wi-Fi LED light is on the green.
  4. Finally, restart your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac.

After you restarted your Apple devices, connect back to your Wi-Fi if you find that it doesn’t connect automatically. Do an internet speed test again to check. If the internet still having issues, call your internet service provider.



6. Check Date & Time Settings.

FaceTime, just like any other application, will not work correctly if you don’t have the correct date and time settings. This is because of the additional security of the Apple server. It won’t allow the application to sync with the server if your device does not have the correct date and time settings.

To change these settings on your Mac, just click on the Apple menu and then System Preferences. You then click on the Date & Time option and adjust it to the correct value. After that, select the Set date and time automatically option by clicking on the checkbox.


mac facetime group call settings


In your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, just go to the Settings and tap on the General option. Then, click on the Date & Time option to change it. Make sure to enable the Set Automatically option once you change the settings. Now that you have the correct date and time settings, the app will now work correctly.



7. Stick to Simple Usage.

When you are the one who initiated the group conversation, you will have the option to start it as an ‘Audio’ or ‘Video’ call. If you choose the ‘Audio’ option, you can opt to turn on your camera. The same option is available to the members of the group conversation.

But if you started a ‘Video’ call with them, it will automatically turn on all the cameras of those who join. Once they have joined, they will have an option to disable their own camera or not. Additionally, the most important thing to consider when using video calls is to disable FaceTime video effects.



8. Check Restrictions Settings.

To prevent more cellular data charges on your iPhone or iPad, applications in Cellular settings are disabled by default. If you want to enable FaceTime when using a cellular data network, you must go to the Settings and then tap on Cellular. After that, toggle the FaceTime button to enable the application.


facetime cellular settings


You also need to check any restrictions on the Screen Time feature of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. To enable it, go to Settings, then tap on Screen Time, and then tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.


iphone settings screen time


Go to the Allowed Apps section and make sure that FaceTime and Camera are enabled.


facetime content and privacy restrictions


But if you are using a Mac, go to the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences. Next, click on Screen Time and then Content & Privacy. Click on the Apps tab and check the FaceTime and Camera checkboxes. You should be able to use FaceTime without group call not working issues now that you have removed these restrictions.



9. Update Software to Latest Version.

If you are still having problems with FaceTime, it could be that there are glitches in your operating system. To fix this issue on your Apple devices, you need to update the OS to the latest version. If you are using Mac, just click on the Settings and then System Preferences. You can update it by clicking on the Software Update button.


mac software update


But on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch, just go to the Settings, and then tap on the General option. You can update your device by clicking on the Software Update option. If you experience errors during the process, learn more about what to do. Now that you have the updated version along with the bug fixes, the app should work correctly without having any group FaceTime working issues.



10. Check Peripheral Functions.

Your application could not make use of your peripherals if they are having problems. To check that your camera, speaker and microphone is working correctly, you can record a video and play it back.

If you are using Mac, you can use the Photo Booth app to record the video.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can use the Camera app. In the video playback, you should be able to pinpoint which peripherals are not working.



11. Contact Apple Support.

Having a defective camera, speaker, or microphone can sometimes be neglected. But only the manufacturer can fix this issue for you. The easiest way to do it is to go to the nearest Apple Store. You can have an Apple-certified technician to check, repair, or even replace it. But be sure to check your warranty options before you go there.


apple repair


But what if you don’t have an Apple store in your country? Check out the available support in your place. If not, you can send your Apple product that needs repair via courier. They can repair it through their lab once you book an Apple repair appointment online. Don’t worry. You can check the repair progress on their website.

And this wraps up our guide on how to fix group FaceTime that is not working on your Apple device. We hope that this helped you find the answers you need. If you have questions related to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below. Keep yourself healthy and be safe always.


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